Optional Summer Academic Assignments

For students, summer is a time for fun and play. It is also the time when children’s learning can slide. Research shows that during the summer students may forget many of the reading, writing, and math skills learned during the school year. This "summer slide" requires schools and teachers to spend valuable time during the next school year helping students "re-learn" lost skills - reducing the time available to master new skills and subjects.

A child’s ability to succeed in school takes a partnership—one that begins at home and continues in school. For the past several years, in order to increase learning and stop the summer learning decline, the Walled Lake Consolidated Schools Curriculum Department has developed a series of summer academic assignments which students are asked to complete before the start of the new school year.

By all means, encourage your child to swim, visit, picnic, camp, play, hike, learn something new, relax and enjoy life. However, also encourage activities that experts have found to be the most successful ways to retain the skills your child has developed throughout the year - activities that include reading, writing, and mathematics. The WLCSD summer exercises are designed to help.

Although the summer exercises will not be graded, taking the time and effort to complete this work will go a long way toward helping your child be successful for the next school year.

Is the summer academic work mandatory? No, completion of the summer exercises is not mandatory.

Is the summer academic work encouraged and recommended? Absolutely. We strongly encourage your son/daughter to spend a reasonable amount of time in the months of July and August working on the assignments. By design, these exercises are either a review of material previously introduced or an intriguing introduction to some of the concepts he/she will encounter in a new course. An hour or two per week in July and August should allow for ample opportunity and time to adequately complete the work. 

The summer exercises will lead to class discussions, review of key concepts, segue into first quarter activities and assignments, and help your child get a jump on the new school year.

Students who enroll in August are encouraged to work through the material to the extent possible.

All exercises are posted below. Paper copies are available in each middle and high school for those without internet and/or printer access. Paper copies are also available in the main lobby of the Educational Services Center.

Mark Hess, Executive Director of Instruction, Technology, & Assessment
248.956.2050 | markhess@wlcsd.org

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