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What is the NCAA Eligibility Center? Why is it Important?

The NCAA Eligibility Center took over operations for the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse in November 2007. The Eligibility Center certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all students who want to play sports at an NCAA Division I or II institution as freshmen. In order to practice, play and receive an athletics scholarship, students need to meet certain academic benchmarks. An additional certification process exists to make sure the student is still an amateur, which is necessary in order for the student to compete. Students must register at

Path to the Student-Athlete Experience

If student athletes wish to participate in NCAA Division I or II athletics, they need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Students need to qualify academically and will also need to be cleared as an amateur student-athlete.  Students are responsible for achieving and protecting thier eligibility status!

For a Complete List of NCAA Courses

Visit and enter the site as an NCAA College-Bound Student-Athlete. Navigate to the “Resources” tab, click “U.S. Students” and then “List of NCAA Courses.” Follow the prompts to search for your high school’s list by name.

Student Athlete Checklist for College- Bound Student-Athletes

  • Register at the beginning of your junior year at
  • Ask your high school counselor to send your transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center at the end of your junior year.
  • Take the ACT or SAT and use the code “9999” to have your official scores sent directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • Check with your high school counselor to make sure you are on track to graduate on time with your class and have the required amount of core courses.uest final amateurism certification during your senior year (beginning April 1).
  • Ask your high school counselor to submit your final transcript with proof of graduation.

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