K-12 English as a Second Language (ESL Program)

The Walled Lake Schools English as a Second Language (ESL) program serves over 1600 students that are learning English or come from homes in which a language other than English is spoken. Services are provided to meet the individual needs of the students and may include newcomer ESL classes, bilingual para-educator support, and/or targeted literacy programs.  

Our ESL staff includes 1 Instructional Coach, 9 ESL Teachers, 30 Bilingual Para-educators, and a part-time Secretary.

There are more than 80 languages represented in the Walled Lake District. Our three major languages are Arabic, Japanese, and Spanish. We value our cultural and linguistic diversity!

Please contact Kallee Iverson, Instructional Coach, at (248) 956-2093 or kalleeiverson@wlcsd.org or Anne Roeser, Secretary, at (248) 956-2091 or anneroeser@wlcsd.org for more information.

For information about our Adult ESL Program, please call the Community Education Center at (248) 956-5020.

Please find a complete list of Walled Lake Schools ESL staff below:

Arabic/Chaldean Speaking Para-educators

Azar, Yara (Arabic) - Loon Lake Elementary
Dickow, Wafa (Arabic) - Walnut Creek Middle
Ezat, Zahraa (Arabic) - Walled Lake Central High
Haddad, Ann (Arabic, Chaldean) - Geisler Middle
Hamama, Nahrain (Arabic) - Pleasant Lake Elementary
Kassab, Anita (Chaldean) - Meadowbrook Elementary
Petros, May (Arabic) - Meadowbrook Elementary
Yacoub, Van (Chaldean) - Pleasant Lake Elementary
Yono, Alaa (Arabic, Chaldean) - Pleasant Lake Elementary


Hindi Speaking Para-educator

Basu, Lily - Banks Middle

Hmong Speaking Para-educator

Locke, Mary - Dublin Elementary/Loon Lake Elementary

Italian Speaking Para-educator

Bussineau, Stephanie - Walnut Creek Middle

Japanese Speaking Para-educators

Fulton, Hiromi - Central High School
Hirakawa, Tomoko - Pleasant Lake Elementary
Roy, Etsuko - Guest Elementary
Terakado, Toshiko - Hickory Woods Elementary
Tsuchiya, Naho - Geisler Middle
Wildt, Tomoko - Meadowbrook Elementary

Russian Speaking Para-educator

Kumming, Raisa – Wixom Elementary

Spanish Speaking Para-educators

Ashoo, Nora - Oakley Park Elementary/Pleasant Lake Elementary
Campos de Robles, Ana - Guest Elementary
Cantalamisa, Diana - Wixom Elementary
Donohue, Deb - Walled Lake Western High
Fishback, Michelle - CommerceElementary/Keith Elementary
Garcia, Rosanne - Walled Lake Elementary
Molina-Riva, Iraida - Geisler Middle

ESL Teachers

Garza, Rosy - Banks Middle School
Hodorogea, Maria - Walled Lake Central High
Kevelin, Carolyn - Pleasant Lake Elementary
Kuzmich, Maria - Walled Lake Elementary
Metti, Jemil - Walnut Creek Middle
Ramirez, Stephanie - Geisler Middle
Servin, Rafael - Hickory Woods Elementary
Snyder, Jeri - Meadowbrook Elementary
Wuolewu, Jill - Walled Lake Western High