Twin Sun-Our Staff


Dr. Sheryl Brown - Director of Special Education
Abby Allen- Director of Special Services
Hughes, Brenda - Secretary

Early Intervention Program  - Birth to 3 years               

Brown, Heather - Evaluation Coordinator
Weingarden, Katie - Evaluation Coordinator
Bialecki, Regina - Service Coordinator
Bildson, Tiffany- Service Coordinator
Blake, Jennifer - Service Coordinator
Galli, Mary - Service Coordinator
McLaughlin, Kristin- Service Coordinator
Molinari, Kelly - Service Coordinator
Place, Lori - Service Coordinator

Carter, Cathy- Early Childhood Paraeducator

Early Childhood Evaluation Team - 3-5 years          

Brown, Heather - Speech/Language Pathologist
Weingarden, Katie School Social Worker
Blake, Jennifer - Speech/Language Pathologist
Place, Lori - Speech/Language Pathologist

Early Childhood Special Education Program

Travis, Heather - Teacher
Hannah, Carol - Para Educator
Stitely, Linda - Para Educator
Elhardt, Erinn - Occupational Therapist
Evans, Justine - Physical Therapist Assistant
Holloway, Julie - Speech/Language Pathologist
Juncaj Neubec, Sofia - School Social Worker 

WLCSD Tuition Based Preschool                              

Davidson, Laura - Teacher
Clyma, Amy - Teacher Assistant

S.M.I.L.E. Speech and Motor Integrated with Language Enrichment                       

Sherbel, Lisa - Speech/Language Pathologist
Yanalunas, Teri - Para Educator