Emergency Safety Drills

At Commerce Elementary, we have specific plans we follow in case of an emergency.  As a staff, we review these procedures and plans at the beginning of the school year and periodically throughout the year.  In the case of an emergency, parents are advised to remain calm and await notification via our Skyward text/phone/e-mail communication system.  Please make sure your contact information is updated in Skyward and any new phone number or e-mail address changes have been noted. We adhere to emergency drill requirements and practice fire, tornado, and lock down procedures throughout the school year.  Below is a chart that indicates which drills have been completed thus far.  

Emergency Drill Date/Time Completed
Fire Drill #1 (Fall) 9/19/16 9:30am Yes
Fire Drill #2 (Fall) 9/30/16 2:45pm Yes
Fire Drill #3 (Fall) 10/17/16 2:30pm Yes
Fire Drill #4 (Spring) 5/15/17 11:00am Yes
Fire Drill #5 (Spring) 6/2/17 3:30pm Yes
Tornado Drill #1 (March) 3/2/17 9:20am Yes
Tornado Drill #2 (Spring) 4/24/17 3:00pm Yes
Lockdown Drll #1 (Fall) 10/4/16 9:15am Yes
Lockdown Drill #2 (Winter) 1/19/17 10:20am Yes
Lockdown Drill #3 (Spring) 5/19/17 9:20am Yes