External LinkUsing Google Spreadsheets to Create Graphs
External LinkExample:  Development of the Computer - You will need to ask your teacher to share this document with you before the link will work and you will also need to be logged in to your google docs account.
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Rubric for American Timeline Project

  1. Minimum of 7 Slides
  2. Title uses Word Art
  3. Slide backgrounds are NOT just white
  4. All slides, except for Title,  have photos
  5. All slides, except for Title, have notes
  6. Presentation has animation and transitions

Post Tests for Google Spreadsheets to Create Graphs

Make sure you are using Google Chrome: Then Click on Your Teacher's Name

Mrs. Entwistle

Ms. Gantz

Mrs. Trembath

Mr. Hester

Mr. Shaw

Mr. Stearns

Adding New Slides

Using Word Art

Adding Captions

Animating Parts of a Slide

Adding Comments

Changing the Background

Inserting Photos

Adding Notes

Creating Slide Transitions

Starting the Presentation