PTA Meetings

PTA Meeting Dates

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2016-2017  Meeting Dates:


September 13th  10:00 am  Cafeteria

October 4th  6:30 pm  Media Center

November 1st  10:00 am  Cafeteria

December 6th  6:30 pm  Media Center

January 10th  10:00 am  Cafeteria

February 7th  6:30 pm  Media Center

March 7th  10:00 am  Cafeteria

April 11th  6:30 pm  Media Center

May 2nd  10:00 am Cafeteria

September 2016 Meeting Minutes

Glengary PTA Notes 9/13/16

Officer’s Reports

Principal’s Report

Mr. Furca reports that the renovations have been wonderful.  There are security cameras throughout the school providing great security.  The technology in the classrooms will be very beneficial and the school is looking great.
Mr. Furca sends great compliments to the Staff and PTA for being a wonderful school.

President’s Report

We are excited to start a new school year. 
The Fun Run is Glengary’s biggest fundraiser.  Forms will be going out soon.

Treasurer’s Report

Budget was approved at the PTA board meeting for 2016-2017 school year.
The budget has a surplus and we have asked teachers for a list of items that would benefit the school.
Audit Report presented from previous school year.
There will be a new reimbursement form added to the website.

Committee Reports

Membership Report

Membership Drive being held now through November 4th, 2016.  From these forms, there will be 3 PTA members awarded with prizes.  Prizes include: Variety Show Tickets, Staff Vollyball and Family Movie Night tickets.  The top 3 classrooms with the most membership will have a chance to earn prizes.  First prize will be extra recess.  Second prize will be a free bagel at the first bagel day sales after the drive is complete.  Third prize will be a pencil.

Track Committee

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony has changed dates.  It will now be held on Tuesday, 9/20/16 at 11:20 am.    Interested parents are asked to meet on the playground at 11:15.  Mr. Hester has a drone to take an aerial view photo of this event. 

Dad’s and Donuts 

Event will be held on 9/27/16  from 8:15- 8:50 am.  PTA is looking for parent volunteers to help with this event.  Please see the sign-up-genius link that was emaild by Mr. Furca to help or email Amy Fry at

Fun Run

The Fun Run will be held on 10/14/16 during the school day.  PTA will be looking for parent volunteers to help run this event.  The kick-off assembly will be held on 9/22/16 at 9:30 am.  Forms will go home following the assembly.  * New:  PTA will be using The Get Moving Crew for online registration as well as the collection of donations.  More information to follow.  There will also continue to be a boy vs. girl coin challenge.

Bagel Sales

Bagels will be sold on the first Friday of every month.  * New  PTA will be offering Pre-Sale order forms.  Families will be able to pre-pay for the entire year!


Last year there were few photos submitted to yearbook.  We will be looking for more submissions this year.  Email:



New Business

Please make sure to check out the new PTA portion of the Glengary Website!
Dates to Remember:

September 14th – Curriculum Night beginning at 5:30
September 19th – Girls on the Run begins at 7:30 am
September 20th – Gator Crossing Track Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 11:15 am
September 22nd – Fun Run Kick-Off Assembly 9:30 am
September 23rd – Picture Day


Gators of the Month

Cheryl Maten ~ For all of her hard work getting the office ready to start the school year.

Chris Burrows ~ For helping set up the new PTA computer

Mike Fenwick ~ For helping prepare the school after renovations.



October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Glengary PTA Notes 10/4/16


Denise Bither attended the first part of our meeting.  She is a former Glengary parent who is looking to be reelected to the school board in November.  Her term would be for an additional six years.  She would like to see teacher salary increased as well as smaller class sizes.  Please contact her for more information at

Began with the review of September 2016 PTA Meeting Minutes.  Moved to approve by Heather Burrows, seconded by Kelly Staron.


Officer’s Reports

Principal’s Report

  1. Dr. Werner presented that Glengary currently has 329 students and that tomorrow, 10/5/16 is Student Count day.
  2. The new security is in place, please enter through the front doors only and check in at the office computer.  Make sure to wear your name badge.
  3. There is a district Open House on 10/23/16  from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm to showcase our schools and hopefully increase enrollment.   Here is the link for more information:
  4. The Oakland County Parenting Fair will be held on 11/12/16 at West Bloomfield High School.  The keynote speaker will be Jim Fay of Love and Logic.  Here is the link for more information as well as registration information:
  5. Glengary is practicing fire, tornado and lock down procedures.  Students may come home and want to share with you their experiences.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Provided current 2016-2017 school year budget as well as a banking statement. 
  2. Motion to add a new line item titled “Staff Wish List”.  Heather Burrows approved, Kata Siegel seconded approval. 
  3. Motion to add “donations” category.  Approved by Emily Spoutz, seconded by Heather Burrows.
  4. Kelly Staron has the bank statement reconciliation if anyone would like to review. 

Committee Reports

Fun Run:

  1. The Fun Run will be held on 10/14/16 during the school day.  PTA will be looking for parent volunteers to help run this event, sign up genius link will be sent home soon.  This is the largest fundraiser of the school year.   The goal is for the school to raise $15,000.  If this goal is met, Mr. Vogt will be taped to the wall.
  2. PTA is using The Get Moving Crew  for online registration as well as the collection of donations.  Parents can also submit paper forms with cash/check donations.  Donations are due the morning of 10/11/16.  The Get Moving Crew is a very secure website that does not share information with outside parties.  The cost of this program is $499 and includes the hosting of all of our Fun Run information, collection of donations, reports data to PTA as well as provides pedometers to all students.
  3. Raffle tickets will be coming home with students 10/11/16.  They will need to be returned to school by 10/13 with student name/teacher name on each ticket.  All students will receive 1 raffle ticket as well as a raffle ticket for every $5 raised.  Teachers will help students enter raffle tickets into correct buckets on 10/13/16 during lunch hours. 
  4. Raffle prizes will be awarded on Friday after the Fun Run.  Bigger items will need to be picked up in the office.  PTA will contact winners. 
  5. Top 10 fundraisers will be entered into our battery operated Gator Race for a chance to win a flat screen TV.
  6. The boys vs. girls coin challenge ends Friday, 10/7.  Currently boys are in the lead.  Winners earn an ice-cream Sunday party during their lunch hour.


  1. Paperwork will be sent out early October.  Forms will be due 11/23.
  2. This year’s theme is “What is your Story”
  3. The goal of reflections is to promote arts: dance, drawing, music, story telling, photography, film etc. 
  4. Two children per category (k-2 & 3-5) will move on to represent Glengary in a district competition. 


 Send any photos you take during school events to

Mom/Son Date Night

This event is being held 11/4/16 with the hopes of another sports event alike last year.

Variety Show

The Variety Show is beign held 12/16/16 at Walled Lake Northern.  Forms will be sent out on 10/7/16.  Auditions will be the week of 11/14/16.


New Business

  1.  Paper Tidbits will be coming home 10/11 and 10/25.  School information on the front, PTA information on the back. 
  2. 10/5/16 the Women League of Votors will be hosting an Q & A with all 6 candidates who are running for school board this November.   Event will be at 7:00 at Giesler Middle School.
  3. Looking for volunteers to chair Mileage Club. 
  4. Dates to Remember:

October 7th     Bagel sales
October 7th     Last day of boy/girl coin challenge
October 11th   Fun Run donations due
October 11th   Raffle tickets home with students
October 13th   Raffle tickets back to school
October 14th   Fun Run and Raffle
October 23rd   District Open House 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
November 1st  PTA Meeting 10:00 am in cafeteria
November 4th  Bagel Sales
November 4th  Mom/Son Date Night
November 7th  Book Fair Week



Gators of the Month


Heather Burrows ~ For her vision of the track and making it a reality!

Amy Fry ~ For Dads and Donuts

Mr. Hester ~ For loaning out his drone at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Mrs. Colwell ~ For donating her time as the liason between Glengary Staff and PTA