Principal's Message

Welcome to Loon Lake Elementary! As principal of Loon Lake Elementary, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our outstanding school and supportive community! I hope that you will be able to use this website to learn more about our school community and connect with staff members.

The purpose of Loon Lake Elementary is to foster the academic and social growth of all students in becoming productive citizens. I am proud to work alongside a talented and dedicated educational team of about 60 members. We work in collaboration to service grades K-5. In addition, we are home to our district’s self-contained EI program.

At Loon Lake, success is not an option, but an expectation. Through a rigorous curriculum (academic and fine arts), Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS), Visible Learning, and a partnership with parents and our community, we strive to educate the whole child.

Academically, students participate in learning structures such as Reader’s, Writer’s, and Math Workshop. The structure of workshop allows for explicit instruction, time for exploration and/or independent practice, and sharing/reflection. Leveled texts, rich picture books, co-created anchor charts, and rigorous units of study are used to deliver literacy instruction. For math, our district uses Everyday Math 4 as our math curriculum. In addition to content skills, performance tasks are used to develop and support the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMPs). 

In addition to academics, our staff strongly believes in developing the social and emotional well-being of all students as a pre-requisite and foundation to learning. Our goal for each student is to become a leader and to lead by positive example. We want them to be aware of and contribute to local and global communities in order to make a difference. Loon Lake learners lead with integrity, kindness, responsibility, resiliency, and respect. Further, Loon Lake learners:

use multiple strategies during learning
are problem-solvers (determined and persevere)
know their learning styles
understand/know how to study
use meta-cognition (awareness and understanding of their thinking)
listen to understand
follow through by using what they know in all situations
demonstrate control, patience, and thinks before acting
are flexible
are thinkers
accept feedback and make positive change
advocate for self
have organization systems
are hard working
utilize a growth mindset

To learn more about our Positive Behavior Intervention Support work, please visit our PBIS Blog:

Loon Lake has a very active, supportive and generous Parent Teacher Association. Our PTA’s partnership is vital in helping to meet the needs of all of our students. Their efforts help to provide students with additional experiences including assemblies, family fun nights, field trips, additional access to instructional resources, and extra-curricular activities.

As principal of Loon Lake Elementary, I am extremely proud and dedicated to serve our school community by supporting and promoting student learning. You can trust that I am constantly reflective of our practices and will always be thoughtful in my decisions and in my work with the entire staff. I recognize that I have an awesome responsibility to our children.

On behalf of the entire educational team at Loon Lake, we are honored to work with your child.


Anita R. Qonja