Emergency Safety Drills

Walled Lake Elementary School 2017- 2018 Safety Drill Schedule

As part of our commitment to student safety, Walled Lake Elementary students will practice three types of drills: Fire, Severe Weather and Shelter In Place/Lockdown. 

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Walled Lake Elementary School implements specific plans in case of an emergency.  We regularly review our procedures and plans and practice fire, tornado, and lockdown procedures periodically throughout the school year.  The following dates indicate completed drills for 2017-2018:

  • Fire Drill #1 
  • Fire Drill #2
  • Fire Drill #3
  • Fire Drill #4
  • Fire Drill #5
  • Shelter-in-Place #1
  • Shelter-in-Place #2
  • Shelter-in-Place #3
  • Tornado Drill #1
  • Tornado Drill #2