2017-2018 Course Selection

Use the links below to assist in the Online Course Selection Process.


PDF DocumentCourse Selection Letter

Course Selection process:

  • Student Curriculum Fair and Distribution of Course Selection Cards - February 3
  • Online Course Selection Window - February 3 - February 8
    • All Students are asked to independently enter Course Requests into Skyward during these dates. See "Entering Course Selections Online" below for directions
    • Students will be brought into the computer labs during their Math classes to enter or adjust their online course selections.
  • Return Course Selection Cards to English teacher by February 13

Course Selection Process

Students will receive their Course Selection cards on January 29th, during their 4th hour class. Course Selection Cards should be completed, signed, and returned to English teachers by February 13th. Copies of the cards are below:

February 3rd - 8th - Students should complete course request cards and enter selctions online with parental support. Teachers will make recommendations and sign Course Selection  Cards.

February 13th - Course Selection Cards, signed by parent/guardian, are submitted to English teacher.

February 23rd - March - Counselors will meet with students to discuss course selections.

Entering Course Selections Online

All course selections should be entered through Skyward Student or Family Access.


Online Course Selection Video Tutorial

PDF DocumentOnline Course Selection PDF Tutorial