Banks Geisler Middle School Swim


Head Coach • Kelsey Slayton -
Assistant Coach • Kelsy Schultz -
Diving Coach • Jenna Thomas -


Season Start – Monday, November 30th
Season End – Athletes not competing in Walled Lake Invite or states will be done competing after our last dual meet but are welcome to continue practicing with us until Thursday, February 4th.

Participation Requirements:

• Physical turned into middle school office
• Pay-to-Participate paid to middle school office
• Required Forms turned into Coach Kelsey
Personal Data Sheet/Apparel Order turned into Coach Kelsey
Athletic Private Transportation Authorization turned into Coach Kelsey
• Team fees payable Banks Geisler Middle School Swim (see personal data sheet for cost) (Includes suit, cap & t-shirt. Sweat shirt & sweat pants optional) If you do not pay at the meeting, please drop off checks on the first day of practice.
• Practice suit & cap, goggles, flip-flops to wear on deck

Swimmers will not be allowed to participate until all requirements are completed/
turned in.


Practices are listed on the calendar from 5:30-7:00pm for swim. Swimmers should be on deck and ready to practice promptly at 5:30pm. Parents should be there no later than 7:10pm to pick up their athletes at the end of practice.
All students must be promptly picked up on time at the conclusion of practice and swim meets. Coaches cannot continually wait for children to be picked up. Please note that some practices are cancelled do to unforseen circumstances. Please be sure to give Coach Kelsey your email so you can be added to the weekly email blasts. Any school related closing/snow days also means practice is cancelled.

Meets & Transportation:

Meets are listed on the calendar or can be found on
All meets begin promptly at 4:00pm. Buses are provided for home and away meets, but with one-way transportation only! Parents are responsible for picking up athletes and transporting them home at the conclusion of the meet. There is no bus for weekend meets.
***If you are not going to attend a meet, please notify the coaches at least 2 days prior. If illness occurs the day of the meet, please notify the coaches as soon as possible so adjustments in the line-up can be made accordingly. With a team our size it is difficult to account for last minute changes***

Expectations and Philosophy:

Students are expected to cheer for and support their teammates.
Ridicule or belittlement is not tolerated. Athletes need to be supportive and respectful to each other & coaches at practices and meets as well as outside activities. We ask for student athletes to give their best! Middle school swim is meant to be a learning experience as well as a competitive experience. Our philosophy is quality not quantity. We focus on the little things that separate a good swimmer from a great swimmer and help the kids learn the fundamentals of the sport. We believe in having fun while working hard. We hope the experience encourages students to pursue swimming outside of middle
school through club swimming & swim for their respective high schools.

Swimming requirement:

All swimmers must be able to swim at least 25 yards (1 length of the pool) in a recognizable freestyle/front crawl without stopping. Middle school swimming is not meant to be swimming lessons.
All athletes will have an equal opportunity according to their abilities to participate in middle school swimming. Athletes will be assigned events in dual meets according to ability/times. We make an effort to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in a race, whether it is in a scoring or exhibition heat, provided the swimmer have fulfilled their requirements each week prior to the meet.

Diving Requirement:

Tryouts & cuts are at the sole discretion of the dive coach. Please contact Coach Jenna for additional information.


Academics are more important than any sport. If you are having a problem with schoolwork and need some additional time off please notify the coaches and we will work something out. We follow the district guidelines for academic eligibility outlined in the handbook. Each week eligibility reports are sent to the coaches, and we will notify you if your son or daughter appears on it. If an athlete is ineligibie, they do not become eligible until the following week and grades must be up.


Swimmers & Divers are expected to attend all practices each week. Be on deck and ready to go at the beginning of practice - 5:30pm. Please stay home if you are ill or unable to swim for any other reason. Swimmers are expected to try their best and participate at practice. Swimmers will not be able to compete in a meet if they are unable to practice/ are not at practice the day before the meet or if they do not complete the required full day of school on the meet day.

Team Guidelines:

1. Practice begins promptly at 5:30 and ends at 7:00pm
2. Anyone caught smoking, drinking or using drugs will be immediately dismissed
from the team and referred to the building principal.
3. Listen to coaches and be respectful at all times.
4. Absolutely no swearing and foul language.
5. For your safety, NO horseplay in the pool, deck or locker room.
6. Always remove your shoes before walking onto the pool deck.
7. Please no parents on deck during practice or during a meet unless you are helping
run the meet.
8. No one will go into the locker rooms to leave/get dressed until everything is cleaned
up after a home or away meet. We will not stay and clean up after you.
9. All swimmers are expected to be present for the entire meet, beginning to end. No
one is allowed to leave as soon as their events are finished unless the meet is over.
We are a TEAM and everyone will be on deck during meets at all times.
10. Swimmers will wear team suits, team caps & team t shirts at all meets. If you do
not purchase the sweat shirt and sweat pants it is asked you wear team colors
red or blue, not bright pink, purple green...
11. Always try your best at practice.