Daily Class Schedule

What time is school in session for the 2015-2016 school year?

Q. What time is school in session for the 2015-2016 school year?


A. New this year, classes begin at 8:06 a.m. and the last class ends at 3:04 p.m. 


With the changes in the middle school class structure this year, we will have a change in our daily class period schedule. Please see the schedule as follows.


This is a full school schedule! That means at the end of each period, the whole school changes classes. 


First Bell, 7:56: 

This is when students are permitted to enter the hallways from the front lobby and from buses.

Warning Bell, 8:01:

This bell to lets students know that they have five minutes left to make it to class.

Tardy Bell, 8:06:

This is the official start of 1st hour. Students arriving after the this time are considered tardy to their first class.


The  entire school schedule is as follows:


1st hour: 8:06-9:05

2nd hour: 9:10-10:13

3rd hour: 10:18-11:17

4th hour 11:21-12:56  (this includes 1/2 hour lunch period)

Please see below for grade level lunch and class times for this hour.

5th hour: 1:01-2:00

6th hour: 2:05-3:04


Students will eat lunch as a grade level. The lunch times are during 4th hour and are as follows:

4th hour for 6th grade: 

Lunch: 11:17-11:52

Class: 11:57-12:56


4th hour for 7th grade:

Class: 11:22-12:26

Lunch: 12:26-12:56


4th hour for 8th grade:

Class: 11:22-12-52

Lunch: 11:52-12:22

Class resumes: 12:26-12:56



Q. What time does school start on the six late start days.
A. School will start at 10:06 and will end at 3:04. The class times will be adjusted slightly to accommodate the full class schedule.