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Goal Achievment Program 

Please see the information below regarding the G.A.P. goal forms and due dates.
A full outline of the program and the recording forms can be found below under.

  • 1st marking period: Citizenship. This will be calculated by the office.
  • 2nd marking period: Grade Point Average. This will be calculated by the office
  • 3rd marking period: Reading. The goal forms are due Thursday, March 24, 2016. 
  • 4th marking period: Community Service. The goal forms are due Friday, June 3, 2016.

Please contact the counseling office if you have any questions. 

PDF DocumentGAP 3rd Qtr Reading Verification Form
PDF DocumentGAP 4th Qtr Community Service Form
PDF DocumentGoal 2015 Achievement Program Overview

Clifford Smart Newspaper

Clifford Smart students meet every Monday at lunch time to participate in our school newspaper.  Our students have been working really hard to get out monthly editions.  Some topics include: sports, drama, important school news, field trips, interviews, polls, and comic strips.  We really hope you take a look!

PDF DocumentSmart News: May 2015