Love is Greater Than Hate

Love is greater than Hate at C.H. Smart!

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Clifford H. Smart Middle School has adopted a "pro-kindness" philosophy and believes that "Love is greater than Hate", when dealing with bullying. Best selling author and youth motivational speaker Brooks Gibbs has partnered with Smart to implement this "anti-bullying" philosophy at Smart, and we couldn't be more excited about it. 
Brooks has spoken to over 3 million students around the world and  has a proven track record that this philosophy works , in hundreds of districts across the country. 

Brooks has presented to and trained staff, students, and parents. 

He has

  • trained staff in the principles of "Love is greater than Hate". 
  • continued meetings with the staff during the Walled Lake Consolidated School District's in-service days.
  • presented to students on the pro-kindness and "Love > Hate" ideas. 
  • produced videos to show during our morning announcements, reinforcing the Love > Hate philosophy. See the web links below for these great videos!
  • presented to our parent community in an evening seminar on pro-kindness and "Love > Hate" ideas.

Brooks will continue to meet with staff, students and parents to reinforce and reteach the "Love > Hate" ideas, reinforcing it with the "Golden Rule": Treat others as you would want to be treated; a.k.a treat everyone like a friend, even your enemies.

Our goal is to empower staff, students, and parents with the tools and knowledge to manage and eliminate bullying behaviors;  making Smart the best school it can be.

Please visit the links below for more information. Brooks' book, Love > Hate, is on the Amazon Top 10 list and can be purchased by visiting .

Learn more about Brooks Gibbs!

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This site will show a variety of videos to help move our Love is Greater than Hate philosophy forward.
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