Creek Students of the Month

Each month, Walnut Creek teachers will be choosing three Students of the Month (one per grade level). Students are nominated by teachers based on their consistent display of the Hawk Habits - Respect, Responsibility, Safety

April/May Winners:

6th grade - Jenna Grimes

Jenna Grimes is one of the most positive students I have had this year.  She is always practicing the 3 Hawks habits, goes above and beyond all assignments and is an effective learner.  ~Mrs. Ernst


7th grade - Kevin Leon

Kevin demonstrates all Hawk Habits daily. He acts as a role model to other students in the class and helps other clarinet players in his section with the music. ~Mrs. Van Ameyde


8th grade - Jordan Grossman

Jordan demonstrates all  Hawk Habits daily. He works hard on his music, is a role model for other students, helps others students and teachers in the room. ~Mrs. Van Ameyde


March Winners:

8th grade - Ashley Perry

Ashley Perry exemplifies responsibility academically and socially. Ashley's work in English is consistently well done and she is thoughtful and conscientious in all her assignments.  She demonstrates maturity, integrity and intelligence every day. In addition to her strong work ethic, Ashley demonstrates kindness to everyone.  I have seen her reach out to students who need friendship, and for that, I most admire Ashley. "Mrs. Maclean"



7th grade - Curran Middleton

Curran arrives early daily and demonstrates responsibility by setting up the volleyballs posts and nets.  He is also responsible with helping other students learn new skills.  He is a daily assistant and always willing to go above and beyond to help others! "Mrs. Ovall"


6th Grade - Carlos Johnson

Carlos always uses manners and will put others before himself. Carlos works hard to keep up his grades and respects the learning process by finding his mistakes when he has an error and then will redo the work. He regularly stays back picking up after class and always making eye contact while saying goodbye before running to the next class.


February Winners:

8th grade- Nick Fitzsimons

Nick demonstrates all 3 habits by being responsible and preparing his music, being safe and respectful to the other students and by staying on task and focused on the lesson every day throughout the entire class. Nick never wavers in displaying mature behavior even if others get off task. "Mrs. VanAmeyde"


7th grade– Ben Silverman

Ben is a hard worker and very polite! He is always happy to participate in a positive manner. He is always kind to others, polite, happy, and has great school spirit! "Mrs. King"


6th grade– Isabella Tirado

Isabella shows respect to her classmates with her willingness to help them, by sharing her thinking with them, and by always having a kind and positive, approachable attitude. She shows a great deal for herself by holding herself to a high standard. Her work ethic and character are impeccable, and I am very, very impressed with her on a daily basis. "Mrs. Foster"


January Winners:

8th grade– Jessica Middleton

Jessica is respectful in every way. She embraces learning and challenges herself. She is conscientious and models Hawks Habits every day. "Mrs. Maclean"


7th grade– Matthew Zebco

Matthew shows compassion for other students in the class, especially the ones that others don't accept or show compassion. He always gives kind words to others, gets my attention when another student needs help, active participation in my class. "Mrs. VanAmeyde"


6th grade– Andrew Rassam

Safety is always 1st on Andrew's mind. He will alert adults if there is something out of sorts in the hall, bathroom, etc. Although Andrew is always prepared, when scores do not turn out as high as he would like, he is willing to do quiz corrections and extra work.


December Winners:

8th grade - Eris Garczynski

Eris demonstrates respect to everyone daily.  She speaks nicely to teachers and other students and she is always in a fantastic mood even if she is not feeling well. She comes to school eager to learn and she gives 100% while learning.  Eris is a joy to have in class. "Mrs. Rzeznik"


7th Grade - Riley Josephson

All around great kid! Riley is responsible, respectful, helps others, and contributes positively in class. She is always kind to others, never complains, and has a positive attitude ALL the time! "Mrs. King"


6th Grade - Bryson Wade

Bryson arrives on time to class, in on-task and attentive in class, is respectful of his peers and teacher, and shows initiative when learning. Bryson is well-liked and is well accepted by his peers. I wholeheartedly recommend him for Creek's December Student of the Month in the areas of respect, responsibility and safety.


November Winners:

6th Grade - Rachel Gruzas

Rachel demonstrates responsibility every day.  She always has her materials and is sitting ready to go every single morning.  Rachel has a quiet calmness about her, but also the look and demeanor of absolute focus. She is patient with others and ready to learn even when others are distracted.  She contributes to classroom activities and learning every single day. "Mr. Bowyer"


7th Grade - Angelina Abro

Angelina is a great student who works hard. She is always eager to help and ready to provide aid. She has volunteered to assist another student who is struggling.  She is taking responsibility for helping him and working to assist him and help him stay organized. "Mr. Schade & Miss Isaacs"

a abro

8th Grade - Delia Bechmann

I continue to be impressed by Delia.  She is in my eighth grade vocal music class and is a learning warrior.  Nothing stops Delia from learning and becoming better for it.  No matter what may be going on around her that could at times be distracting she always does the right, responsible thing.  Her leadership by setting an example for others and always doing her personal best inspires others to do better themselves.  Delia truly makes others better.  I don't know where our class would be without her.  Delia exemplifies responsibility. "Mr. Bowyer"


October Winners:

8th Grade - Adam Shakarna

Teacher comments -- Adam demonstrates respect in every way. He regularly greets me and other students in a friendly and welcoming way.

A. Shakarna

7th Grade - Alex Caushaj

Teacher comments -- Alex participates in class discussions and activities. I have appreciated the way Alex has shown respect in  situations.

A. Caushaj

6th Grade - Abigail Zang

Teacher comments -- Abby has always been respectful to me and her peers.  She always uses her manners, waits for others before talking out, and questions others in a respectful manner.

A. Zang

September Winners:

Lainie Rapp, 8th grade:

Very friendly and will volunteer for extra duties and helping out. She shows such an interest in the subject matter and strives to do her best - Mrs. Vera


Sarah Kenaya, 7th grade:

She is always cooperative and has a great attitude towards others and learning - Mr. MacIsaac


Ty Esterline, 6th grade:

His well mannerism and kindness to all has really stood out as an exemplary act of student leadership and serves the community in a positive and productive way. - Mrs. Ernst