The Arts

It is through sight, sound, movement, and creative play that we first learn about the world. 

Throughout life, the arts remain critical to our balanced development as creative, problem-solving members of our communities.  The arts not only enrich children's lives, they also have a profound impact on their academic achievement.  Research shows students with an education in the Arts outperform others by virtually every measure.  Learning through the arts may reach students who are not otherwise engaged in schooling.

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools values its rich and varied visual and performing arts programs from Kindergarten through 12th grade and is proud to showcase student work and performances on this site.  We offer the following courses in our schools.

Art - Elementary
Music - Elementary
Art - Middle School
Band - Middle School
Communication Arts - Middle School
Orchestra - Middle School
Vocal Music - Middle School
Accapella - High School
Acting 1, 2 and 3 - High School
AP Art 2D - High School
AP Studio Art Drawing - High School
Art and Design - High School
Chamber Ensemble - High School
Chamber Singers - High School
Chamber Strings - High School
Communications - High School
Computer Graphics - High School
Concert Band - High School
Concert Choir - High School
Drawing - High School
General Music - High School
Jazz Band - High School
Jewelry - High School
Mens Chorus - High School
Painting - High School
Philharmonic Strings - High School
Photography - High School
Sculpture - High School
Stagecraft - High School
Symphonic Band - High School
Symphonic Orchestra - High School
Symphonic Strings - High School
TV Production - High School
Visual Image - High School
Vocal Ensemble - High School
Wind Ensemble - High School
Womens Chorus - High School