Career Technical Education Program

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools is proud to offer one of the most extensive Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in Oakland County. With state-approved programs, WLCSD offers its high school students CTE programs designed to prepare them for a broad range of employment and training services, as well as post-secondary education. Our programs are offered under the guidance of occupationally certified teachers, counselors, and cooperative education coordinators.


Real World Relevance for your WLCSD Student

Career and Technical Education at WLCSD is Hands-on teaching providing the high demand skills needed to get a job, to cross-train for different positions, or retrain for a new career. Career Tech Education is designed to prepare high school students to transition successfully to postsecondary education and is designed to help college students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to find gainful employment. 

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are continuously changing and evolving to better serve our country’s needs. In addition to preparing students to help drive industry success, CTE creates an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance.

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Michigan Department of Education, Chief Deputy Superintendent Sheila Alles, shares the growing trends in Career and Technical Education enrollment.

Supporting the Exciting Growth in CTE

"In the latest Top 10 in 10 video, Chief Deputy Superintendent Sheila Alles shares the growing trends in Career and Technical Education enrollment, programming, and student program completion rates.  It’s more exciting news in Michigan education, as there are thousands of good, high-paying jobs available in Michigan in need of trained individuals to fill them. In Michigan, state-approved CTE programs include a sequence of courses where students gain academic and technical skills required by business and industry; and instruction that includes classroom and hands-on, real-world learning settings." (Michigan Department of Education)


Michigan Merit Curriculum

The Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC),  allows the students to exchange graduation requirements and focus their learning more in a direction that will benefit them after graduation. MMC provides a student the opportunity to do exchanges for credits and either go deep into a CTE program or diverse their education with multiple programs.

CTE Course Equivalents


Additional Components of a CTE Program

Work-Based Learning 

Work-Based Learning formally known as Co-op, is a combination of school-based preparation and actual work experiences designed to enable students to acquire attitudes, skills and knowledge for career and other life roles in real work settings. This type of "out of classroom" learning has become very popular and is increasing at a significant rate. This is true throughout the state of Michigan as well as nationally. In our area alone, we have numerous students in a wide variety of programs placed in numerous work-site locations. To qualify for work-based learning a student must successfully complete one of these classes during their sophomore or junior year. When enrolling in the work-based program their senior year. It is required that they also enroll in a related class for the program.


CTE Earns You College Credit

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools is proud to offer tech prep credit to students who take classes that have been directly correlated to classes offered at Oakland Community College, Baker College, and Ferris State University. Students who choose classes from our Program of Studies that are articulated and pass these classes with an A or a B may receive credit for these classes towards an associate degree at Oakland Community College or they may choose to display the articulated class on an Oakland Community College transcript using the grade granted by the tech-prep program instructor. These credits may be accepted at a four-year college. You may use the website to have a better idea to know if these classes transfer to a particular four-year college. Students who choose classes that have been directly correlated to classes offered at Ferris State University and Baker College may receive credit towards a bachelor’s degree at the respected college. Please contact the Career Technical Education Department if you have questions.