Bring Your Own Device Policy

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools K-12 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Introduction: The availability of wireless Internet access and cloud based services in our schools makes it easier than ever for students to bring their own internet connected technology devices to school for educational purposes. In order to access the Walled Lake Consolidated Schools’ wireless network, students must comply with the District Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as outlined in the WLCSD Student Code of Conduct and this BYOD Policy. It is important to understand that the opportunity to bring students’ personal technology devices to school is a privilege and is solely at the discretion of Walled Lake Consolidated Schools’ staff.

Device: For the purpose of the BYOD policy, a personal technology device is a privately-owned, wireless electronic device such as a laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone. Note that this is a district policy, and that the middle school BYOD program has minimum requirements for permitted devices.

Internet: Student devices may only access the Internet using the District wireless network.

Security and Damages: The individual owner is responsible for the security and safety of the device. Walled Lake Consolidated Schools and its employees are not liable for any device brought to any facility within the district. Individuals are encouraged to utilize security methods to protect their own devices. The District will not investigate the theft of, or damage to, a personal device.

In order for an individual to bring his/her personal technology to a Walled Lake Schools’ facility, the District Acceptable Use Policy and the following BYOD terms must be understood, agreed and adhered to:

  • Devices must be placed in silent mode while on school campuses and buses.
  • Devices may not be used to plagiarize or cheat.
  • Devices may not be used to record, transmit, or post photographic images or videos of a person or persons on school property without prior approval by a staff member.
  • Devices must not be used to transmit content of a bullying nature.
  • Devices must not be used to send messages that violate federal, state, and local laws or any School Board policy.
  • The school’s network filters must be applied and may not be bypassed.
  • Infecting any Walled Lake Consolidated Schools property with a virus or program that damages, alters, destroys, or provides access to unauthorized data/information is a violation of School Board policy. This includes bypassing network security policies.
  • The school district has the right to collect and examine any device.
  • Games are not permitted without teacher permission.
  • Access to school printers is unavailable.
  • Devices must be charged prior to coming to school.
  • Using any device at unauthorized times may result in the loss of privileges.

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