Walled Lake Virtual

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Walled Lake Virtual is a fully virtual, online learning program supported by Walled Lake Consolidated School District certified staff members. In partnership with Edgenuity, Walled Lake Virtual offers coursework for grades 9-12 with daily support from a certified WLCSD teacher. (M-F).


  • Technology provided for students
  • Asynchronous learning supported by Edgenuity meaning students work at their own pace, independently
  • Flexible schedule
  • Daily and weekly progress reports and monitoring


Academic Successes

  • Currently, the WLV has just under 60 students enrolled that are working to complete approximately 300 courses.
  • Last semester, approximately 85% of the students had a C or better and eight students received straight A’s at the semester. 
  • 32 of our students have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher.

Teacher/Classroom Success

  • High rate of success compared to other models
  • Daily interactions - virtual meetings
  • Parallels tutoring individual students in their core classes
  • Virtual meetings allow for mini-lessons