Tools For Parents of Athletes


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VAPING - What's in your vape? 

UNDERAGE DRINKING - Not a minor problem. 

CLEAR TO SMOKE - Prevent youth marijuana use.

BE THE SOLUTION - Prevent youth prescription drug misuse. 


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Walled lake Student participate in sports because they:

1.Enjoy fitness/working out.
2.It is fun.
3.Enjoy competition
4.Are good at my sport.
5.Understand that participation in sports teaches good life-long skills.
6.Meet new friends

LOWEST – To compete in college 

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3 Sports Psychology Tips for Parents and Coaches

As youth sports psychology experts, we often work very closely with parents and coaches when we provide mental coaching for young athletes. Parents and coaches who are knowledgeable about "mental game" challenges and strategies are better equipped to instill confidence in their young athletes.

If you are a sports parent or coach, you'll want to learn how to improve your athletes' mental game so they can get the most out of their skills in competition.

Here's just one example of how coaches and parents can improve athletes' mental toughness using proven mental game strategies.

Study – “The Role of Parents in Junior Tennis”  (Gould et al. 2004)

The most successful players had families that created a Optimistic, Achievement Oriented Climate

The focused on the core values vs outcomes“Can do attitude”“Hard work and desire”“If you do it, do it right”

Difficult transition families created an outcome Oriented Climate were children were evaluated on their abilities to achieve.

Often resulted in stressThe child’s perceived self worth was determined by the performance.