Food Services

On August 31st, the USDA announced that they have extended free meals for all kids under the age of 18 to go through as late as December 31st regardless if they are an enrolled student or not.  This is effective immediately and will undoubtedly help our community during these unprecedented times! 

Regardless of this exciting announcement, we still need families to complete their free and reduced application.  Having these applications completed will ensure a more smooth transition for families when the federal funds are depleted.  You can complete the application by logging onto your family access and going to the registration packet.

Please join us every Monday at Walled Lake Central high school to pick up meals from 1:45PM - 3:00PM. 

Other food and parent resources:

Hospitality House Food Bank: 1600 W. West Maple Road, (248) 960-9975, located in business park near Welch Road







Walled Lake Consolidated Schools is committed to creating a healthy school environment that enhances the development of lifelong wellness practices to promote healthy eating and physical activities that support student achievement. 


Free & Reduced Meals

Children need healthy meals to learn. Walled Lake Consolidated School District offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast is free at the elementary level and free at the middle school and high school levels; lunch is free at the elementary level and free at the middle and high school levels. Please still fill out this packet includes an application for free or reduced-price meal benefits, and a set of detailed instructions. Below are some common questions and answers to help you with the application process.

Waiver to release Free & Reduced information to other School Programs

PDF DocumentFrequently asked Questions about Free & Reduced Meals and Application

Free & Reduced Application can be filled out through Family Access.  Login to Family Access, Click on Food Service, and click the Application that is at the top of the screen.

**Please note that we will now be charging a $25.00 fee for any check that is returned to Food Service.**

2020-2021 Income Eligibility Chart

Total Family Size Income Yearly Income Monthly Income Weekly
1 $23,606 1,968 $454
2 $31,894 $2,658 $614
3 $40,182 $3,349 $773
4 $48,470 $4,040 $933
5 $56,758 $4,730 $1,092
6 $65,046 $5,421 $1,251
7 $73,334 $6,112 $1,411
8 $81,622 $6,802 $1,570

For each additional household member add $8,288 annually, $691 monthly, and $160 weekly. 

Allergy, religious, cultural, economic or other meal preference accommodation