Invisible Dad Program

Every Child Deserves Lunch:

Hunger has many faces. In the United States, 2 out of 10 children suffer from a form of hunger that is not readily portrayed in the media but it is also a kind of hunger that we can put an end to right here in our own communities. This kind of hunger is called Food Insecurity and it takes the form of children being forced to skip meals, eating cheap unhealthy snacks to fill their stomachs between “meals”.

In Walled Lake Schools, the 12 WL elementary schools have adopted the Invisible Dad program which entitles all children to a school lunch, even if a student’s lunch account does not have money in it. Invisible Dad accounts have been set up at our schools to cover lunch for children whose parents have forgotten, are unable, or for whatever reason have not kept their account up-to-date. Parents receive a confidential notification that their child has accessed the Invisible Dad account and they are given an opportunity to update the account, complete a Free and Reduced Lunch form or to talk to a school administrator.

TO DONATE: Please make a check out to your Walled Lake School with Invisible Dad in the “memo” line. This money will keep the account for your school able to continue this important program.