After School Classes

After-School activities, although a vital and positive influence for the children in the district, have variables within their implementation that demands specific procedures.

These procedures are in place to insure child safety. They must be followed by both our vendor and Community Education.

1. Children must attend the school building where a specific program is advertised and held. Offerings are periodically revolved throughout district buildings.

2. Children must register through the Community Education office three days prior to the published start date of the class. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after the deadline. This will include any registrations received via U.S. Mail. School building secretaries and staff will not accept registrations.

3. For classes that do not meet their minimum enrollment at the three day registration deadline, Community Education will contact all registered clients, the class instructor and the building where the program was scheduled. Community Education will process all refunds.

4. For classes that are running, Community Education will communicate the following one day prior to the start date:

i. Notify building secretary electronically to confirm location, date and time of the class.

ii. Notify instructor of class location, date and time

iii. Supply both the building secretary and instructor with a final class list. All children must appear on this list.

5. On the day of the first class, Community Education will supply both the building secretary and the instructor a class list and confirm room location and class time. This will allow for any cancellations.  Additionally children absent from school can be highlighted by the building secretary. All instructors must be at the building to check-in with the building secretary 20 minutes prior to the class start time.

6. Instructor will then begin class in the prearranged room.

7. Instructor must remain after class until all children are picked up. (Please see fee policy)

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