Previously Awarded Bids

The State of Michigan has upgraded its financial and business processes to a new system, SIGMA.  SIGMA replaces Buy4Michigan.  Instructions on how to register as a vendor are provided at the SIGMA VSS homepage. Please register through SIGMA to receive notifications of advertisements for bid posted by the Walled Lake Consolidated School District.

For bid information, please contact:

Vicki Amore - Manager, Finance & Purchasing
Walled Lake Consolidated Schools 
850 Ladd Rd., Building D 
Walled Lake, MI.  48390 
(248) 956-2042


2019 Roof Replacement Project

Investment Services for 2019 Bond Proceeds

Informal Pricing Proposals

2019 Door Replacement Project

2019 Toilet Partition Project- Walled Lake Elementary, Mary Helen Guest Elementary, Clifford H. Smart Middle School, Operations Building

Walled Lake Elementary Paving

2019 Turf Replacement – Walled Lake Western and Walled Lake Central

Snow Plowing and Removal

Community Education Center Demolition

District-wide Drinking Fountain Replacement Project

2018 Toilet Partition Project – Western High School and Wixom Elementary School

2018 Door Replacement Project  

HVAC Control Work - Educational Services Center & Operations Building

Wixom Elementary Paving Project

Walled Lake Western Sign Replacement

Walled Lake Western Canopy

Selective Demolition – Community Education Center

Community Education Demolition

Community Education Center - Soil Removal and Disposal

GSRP Storage Sheds

Asbestos Abatement - Community Education Center

2017 Roof Replacement Project

2017-18 ERate - Basic Maintenance Self Provisioned Fiber Cable

Operations Bus Wash and Walled Lake Western Sitework

HVAC Projects – Keith, Loon Lake and ESC

Portable Classrooms – Commerce and Pleasant Lake

2017 Door Replacement Project

Snow Plowing and Removal Services

Walled Lake Central Toilet Partition Project

2017-18 ERate – Structured Cabling

2014 Bond Projects – Western Transitions Program Relocation

Geisler Middle School Storage Shed

2016 Sinking Fund – Bid Package 16 – Walled Lake Western Roofing Project

2016 Sinking Fund – Bid Package 17 – Keith Elementary – Paving Project

2016 Sinking Fund - WLW Toilet Partition Replacement Project

2016 Sinking Fund - Bid Package 15 - ESC Sign and Awning

2016 Sinking Fund - Door Replacement Project

Concrete Replacement Project

Asbestos Abatement - Western, Wixom & Walled Lake

2016 Roof Replacement Project

Solid Waste Disposal Program

2014 Bond Projects - Bid Package 18

Food Service Van & Refrigeration Unit

2014 Bond Projects - Bid Package 19

2015 Door Replacement Project

2014 Bond Projects - Bid Package 10

Asbestos Abatement - Commerce and Guest Elementary Schools

2014 Bond Projects - Bid Package 11

2014 Bond Projects - Bid Package 11 (Rebid Pool Lift System)

2014 Bond Projects - Bid Package 13

Walled Lake Central High School Gym Floor

2014 Bond Projects - Bid Package 13R

2015 Sinking Fund - Sign Replacement Walled Lake Northern

Athletic Field Maintenance

2014 Bond Projects - Bid Package 14

Glengary Asbestos Abatement