2018-2019 WLTV Intern Members

Zach Abdulnour

Sydney Anderson

Sydney Anderson is in 12th grade and this is her second year in WLTV. She enjoys directing as well as operating both JVC and the Hitachi cameras. She hopes to use her skills learned in WLTV in her school life and in her future career.

Onefuwa Akande

Onefuwa Akande  11th Grade

I have been in WLTV since my freshman year.

I love WLTV because it’s a creative source to have fun, meet new people, and indulge in an amazing hobby! I plan on going off to medical school one day and becoming a surgeon.

Raghav Bhat

My Name is Raghav Bhat. I have been in the WLTV internship since 10th grade, so this is my second year. I like WLTV because I enjoy film making. I plan on getting a Computer Science degree and plan to pursue that field after college.

Cameron Ballinger

Cameron ballinger, 9th grade

This is my first year in WLTV and some of my hobbies are skiing and running. I love to film all the concerts because I am working with my friends and is lots of fun.

Katie Dykstra

Hello, my name is Katie Dykstra. I am a senior at Walled Lake Western where I participate in NHS and cheered for two years. I have three siblings and a golden retriever. For the past two years, I have been working at Fox Run. I started doing TV sophomore year when I was randomly placed in the class but I’m glad I was because I really enjoy the class along with the internship.

Shane Donaldson

My name is Shane Pierre Donaldson, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been in WLTV for a year. After college I want to be a detective, bounty hunter or in the Air Force. My plans depend on whether or not I decide to go into the Air Force. I also enjoy filmmaking as a hobby, and potentially a career. I plan to remain a part of the internship program for the remainder of my highschool career.

Amandia Hatija

My name is Amandia Hatija. I’m a senior & plan on majoring in political science and continuing on to law school in the future. This is my first year in TV and the Internship. I like listening to music, reading, and hanging out with my friends on my free time.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson, Grade 10


This is my first year to be a part of the WLTV internship, about 3 months to be exact.

I like WLTV because it opens up a new and more exciting way learn what goes into the production of video, and what technology is used to get the quality we strive for.

After college, I plan on pursuing a career in filmmaking and the editing process. It really intrigues me because there is so much work and talent we have seen in the film industry, but there is also so much more at our fingertips.

Madison Kirk

I’m Madison kirk, a junior at Walled Lake Western and this is my second year in the internship. But my third year in the class. I enjoy being in the internship because it lets me be creative and learn new things

Alexander Lange

My name is Alexander Gregory Lange. I’ve been in the class all four years of highschool. I enjoy filmmaking a lot! I plan to continue in some field of media production at a four year university. I also enjoy acting very much and I am in the school play, “Dearly Beloved.”

Lauren Lund

Gabrielle Mifsud

My name is Gabby Mifsud. I am in 10th grade and have been with the program for two years. WLTV is an incredible program that encourages students to learn how to direct, cg, and film a variety of events. I love how I get to be immersed into new events while learning a valuable skill. Film preserves the beauty of human life, to be a part of that is a wonderful thing. After college I would love to be a social worker.  

Brian Okoye

Brian Okoye, in 11th grade

Currently in my second year of WLTV

I like seeing the events we record and it is fun to learn how cameras work.

Sapana Pandey

Morgan Soares

I am currently a senior and this is my first year in the WLTV Crew.  I am a creative person by nature. I enjoy playing the piano, saxophone and arranging music.  Film production interested me because of the creative side, and the ability to portray my message in the clearest way possible.  Technology is also one of my other interests, and I am involved in the Robotics Club, as well as programming in my spare time. I plan to attend college next year and study Engineering, or Computer Science.  

Dylan Yacoub

Hey my name is Dylan Yacoub I have been in the internship for one year now but I have taken the class since freshman year and I am now a junior. I am looking forward to taking the class and the internship the rest of my high school time.

I do personally love this internship, it’s truly so much fun. Let’s talk about what I want to do after high school. It’s still unknown to me but I guess I would love to be a restaurant owner or a chef or even a elementary school teacher I always wanted to be a director...