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AWARDS NIGHT - Monday, May 4, 2020 @ Walled Lake CENTRAL High School - 6:45pm

Our Awards Night 2019 Ceremony is now on YouTube. Thanks for watching and celebrating with Legacy Scholarship Funds!

For over 35 years Legacy Scholarship Funds, Inc. has been in operation, and many people have made contributions to one or more of our individual scholarships. It is because of generous gifts from these people that Legacy Scholarship Funds has grown into the organization it is today.

Making a tax-deductible contribution to LSF or any of our scholarships is easy. Write a personal or business check to “LSF-name of fund” using our Donation Form and mail to us at Legacy Scholarship Funds, Inc., Suite C, 3095 S. Commerce Rd., Walled Lake, MI 48390. Your gift will be promptly acknowledged and the trustee of the fund or funds you have honored with your gift will be notified of your generosity.

If you are making a gift to more than one fund with a single check, make the check payable to Legacy Scholarship Funds, Inc., and include a note as to how you would like it divided.

Online Donations are now being accepted!  A 3.49% service fee is added for credit card/online donations. 

Donation Form (Mail-In with Check/Money Order)

Online Donation (via Credit Card or e-Check)

Annual Dues Donation Long Form (Mail-In with Check/Money Order)

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We encourage you to become a “Member of the Corporation.” Corporate members are needed to guarantee the perpetuity of the charity. They are invited to attend the annual meeting at which the students are honored.  Directors are elected from among the list of corporate members. The fee for corporate membership is $20 per year.  Please use our Donation Form for your membership fees.  You may also use our detailed Donation Long Form for your dues and donations to our various scholarships.

The fee for corporate membership may be included in your check for any specific scholarship if you include a note with your instructions.

AWARDS NIGHT - Monday, May 4, 2020 @ Walled Lake CENTRAL High School - 6:45pm