Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to establish strong alliances between the Parents, Local Units, the Administration, Board of Education, Michigan PTA and National PTA to benefit every child in the Walled Lake School District by speaking with one voice.

Our objectives are to:

  • To ensure that we operate in an environment where all are welcomed, where different points of views are heard and we rally support so we speak for every child with one voice
  • Provide opportunities to support, grow and learn from each other during the Council Roundtables
  • Rally support on key legislative issues that impact our students by providing information in such a way that is understood, viewed as important and be able to provide the tools for parents to take action.
  • Provide support and guidance to local units on PTA matters by reaching out to units and being a valuable resource for them
  • Provide opportunities for parents in our district to gain more knowledge through the Western Oakland County Parenting Education Fair and bring in outside speakers to address the issues that impact our students
  • Showcase the positive impact that PTSA/PTA's have on our schools and students at our annual Presidents & Principals Breakfast, Reflections Celebration and Installation and Awards Ceremony
  • Provide timely and pertinent information through the PTSA Council Website

WL Council Bylaws

WL Council Bylaws 2014

WL Council Bylaws 2019