Irene Daniels Scholarship Award

The Walled Lake PTSA Council has established a Scholarship Fund in the memory of Irene Daniels.  Mrs. Daniels was a mother at Twin Beach Elementary and was very involved with the school’s PTA.  She also served as secretary of the Walled Lake PTSA Council and assisted other PTA’s.  Mrs. Daniels was described as a wonderful, caring and giving person.  Unfortunately, Irene Daniels became ill and passed away in 1964.  She leaves a legacy of caring for children, which continues today.

The purpose of the Irene Daniels Walled Lake PTSA Council Scholarship is to encourage worthy students to undertake a post-secondary course of study.  The Council Scholarship Committee reviews applications and qualifications of students from Walled Lake Central, Walled Lake Northern and Walled Lake Western High Schools and one winner from each school is selected every year.   The PTSA Council bases some of the criteria of the scholarship on volunteerism, leadership, school activities/honors, and recommendations by counselors or teachers.  The three students selected each receive $750 to use toward future educational costs. 

If your student is interested in applying  for this scholarship, click on the application form below..

Google form applications are due the second Friday in March (March 10, 2023).

If you have questions, please reach out to Hillary Glaser and Leigh Shemenski at

Irene Daniels Scholarship Application