GED Success Stories

GED Success Stories

‚ÄčTrevor Murray wanted to get his GED so that he could feel more confident in moving forward with his job search.  Trevor values education but described not having a high school diploma or the GED as “a real block in my life.”  He came regularly to adult education classes and used the GED Academy online program to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the GED.  He reached that goal in just two months of regular study and classes.  Trevor has mentioned that all the adult education staff were helpful with anything that he needed, but his math teacher, Linda Hopper, helped him to advance through the GED math lessons quickly.  Having now earned the GED, Trevor can look forward to the future when he hopes to have a position as a lineman.



Charles Seabridge transferred from Walled Lake’s Transitions Program to the Adult Education Program because he wants to go to college to have “a career, not just a job.” Charles has mentioned his reading/writing teacher, Pat Schuster, as one who has been very helpful with helping him learn how to manage an extended response essay.  He was happy to be able to make progress at his own pace in the math class.  Charles says that he has wanted to “make his parents proud,” but he also says to everyone, “Take Adult Ed classes to better yourself and get yourself where you want to go.”  Congratulations on receiving your GED.



Cory Halprin waited twenty years after leaving high school before deciding to return to Walled Lake’s Adult Education program to earn his GED.  In five months of study, coming two evenings per week, Cory had developed skills strong enough to pass the GED on his first attempt.  His current plans include attending college to pursue a job in cyber security for the homeland sector.  He found the GED Academy program, a computer-based study program, to be especially helpful because it was “a great guide for what you need to work on for the GED.”  He hopes others who want to have their GED can also attend the adult education program where he found all of the teachers and staff to be very helpful.  “Especially helpful to me was my math teacher, Elaine Peterson, and her one on one style of teaching.”




Nathan Neaves, who earned his GED after attending classes approximately four months, "wanted to be a good role model for his daughter." When a person becomes a parent, the idea of being a role model for his children can be a strong influence. Nathan came to class two evenings a week, even after working ten hours per day.  He was helped toward his goal by the teachers in the Adult Education Program in Walled Lake who were, he said, helpful and informative.  He stated, “They made sure I understood the material, and they were willing to help in any way they could.  They cared.”    Nathan described his job as “stable” but wanted to have the GED in case his employment changed or when we wants to go on to college in the future.  Nathan hopes that others who do not yet have a high school diploma will be encouraged to make use of the Adult Education Program at the Community Education Center.  “You’re never too old to get your GED,” he said.




Nada Oraha came to Walled Lake from Iraq. Sometimes you want to prove something to yourself. Sometimes you want to prove something to your family. Sometimes you want both. This was the case for Nada. When she came to the United States with her husband, they had two children.  After arriving in the U.S., they had three more children, and Nada, who believes in education, prepared for two years to receive her GED.  It took Nada longer because her study time was interrupted by trips out of the country for family occasions. She found all of the teachers in the adult education program to be very nice and helpful, answering “any and all questions I asked.” Nada currently works as a home health care aid and reports, “I am proud of myself.  My dream was to earn my GED.  It is mine and no one can take that away from me.”



Kaitlyn (Katy) Kellner

“It was hard work, but it was worth it!”  This summarizes the experience that Kaitlyn (Katy) Kellner had in the Adult Education Program in Walled Lake.  Kaitlyn was already taking some classes at a community college, but could not receive full credit for them without the GED.  Education has always been important to Katy, but she left high school short of completion, and wanted to close the high school chapter of her life.  Katy said that “all the teachers were friendly, great teachers,” but she singled out Elaine Peterson, a long-time teacher of mathematics in the adult program, who was “a wonderful teacher who not only taught math but helped with science, social studies and language arts….She tailored the learning to meet my needs.”  Katy especially liked having the computer-based GED study program that was available for use at home and at school. Katy attended adult education classes for about four months, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and some evenings.  She is looking forward to completing her associate degree in Liberal Arts and transferring to a four-year college.  Earning the GED has made her feel more confident and capable.  “I know I can complete my goals.”