Adventure Challenge Programs

We offer facilities and programs for student groups, religious organizations, scouts, school staff and corporate groups.  We are confident that we can meet your needs whether staying for an overnight experience or using our facilities/programs for a day field trip, business retreat or graduation party.  Our staff's main goal is to make our guests feel welcomed and comfortable while meeting the specific needs of each individual group. 

The Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center opened its Adventure Challenge Course in the summer of 2005.

The WLOEC Adventure Challenge Course is designed to promote inter-personal and intra-personal growth in a fun and challenging atmosphere. Student groups, religious organizations, scout troops and corporate groups are encouraged to rent our course and facilitators to reach their group's goals and objectives. See the tabs below to learn about the different opportunities that are offered through our Adventure Challenge Programming.  

Team Challenges (Low Ropes/Initiatives) -Groups of 12-15 participants of any age participate in a variety of activities that will challenge the group both physically and mentally. These activities are a good fit for organizations who want to work on issues such as trust, team building and group bonding.

Team Challeges

Climbing Tower- Our 3 sided climbing tower offers 7 different climbing areas that range from easy to difficult. Participants are able to choose the area that they feel will challenge them the most. Participants are often belayed by their own group members in a "team belay" increasing trust and support between team members. Our Climbing Tower is a "must do" when using our Adventure Challenge Course. Students as young as 8 years old can participate as long as they can properly be fitted into our harnesses by our trained facilitators.

OEC High Ropes

High Ropes/Zip Line-Our High Ropes Course has a custom design to fit the needs of the WLOEC both programmatically and aesthetically. Participants in 6th grade and higher can climb a 35 foot high cargo net to access the operations deck of the course. Participants can then choose from several routes to access 10 different challenges that spread throughout the course. To descend the course, participants are hooked to a trolley and cable where they "zip" down to their teammates. The high ropes course is a perfect activity for reaching goals such as supporting one another, facing adversity, accepting challenges, self-respect and self-esteem.


The Giant's Ladder is the perfect combination of Team Building and High Adventure. Participants are outfitted with climbing gear and rope.  Two participants climb a 35-foot ladder of wooden rungs that get further apart and skinnier as they ascend the ladder. They must use one another for physical and moral support as they climb the very challenging element.  The rest of the team manages the belay ropes as the 2 participants ascend and descend the ladder.  It is truly an awesome display of total team participation, execution and trust.  

The Leap of Faith is the ultimate challenge for any participant.  After being outfitted into a Full Body Harness and Helmet a participant will climb a telephone pole 35 feet into the air and stand on the edge of a platform staring out a a trapeze bar that seems too far to reach.  With a lot of courage and effort, participants must jump and extend their arms in order to grab on to the trapeze bar or risk free falling 6-8 feet before the belay rope catches them and gently lowers them to the ground.  

OEC High Ropes

Portable Team Building Programs

The Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center has over 150 ice-breakers, initiative games and team challenge activities that we can bring to you and your institution! Our portable programs are used by a wide variety of clients. Schools, corporate and religious groups appreciate it when we can come to their facility when transportation or time is an issue for the group.

The portable team building program begins by having a conversation with the WLOEC Director to discuss the goals for your group. We want to know what you want us to accomplish with your group before we arrive. Based on the needs of your group, an agenda is designed to meet your goals. Communication, trust, working with new management, leadership skills, diversity and problem solving are just a few examples of the topics we can explore with your group.

Our facilitators bring all of the materials to your facility. The only things you need to provide are the participants and space to execute the activities. Weather permitting, we love to use outdoor space when possible. If the weather is poor or outdoor space is at a premium; gymnasiums, classrooms, large boardrooms and even hallways are all options we have used in the past.

Pricing for Portable Team Building Programs-You pay only for instructional time. There are no fees for mileage, materials, set up/breakdown time

1 facilitator needed for every 15- 18 participants. (ex. 51 people=3 facilitators)

Student Groups:

$110/hour/facilitator (2 hour minimum)

$80/hour/facilitator for each additional hour

Professional Development for Adult Groups:

$140/hour/facilitator (2 hour minimum)

$90/hour/facilitator for each additional hour

PDF DocumentAdult Portable Waiver
PDF DocumentMinor Portable Waiver

Adventure Challenge Waivers  

Please use the forms below if your group is scheduled to use our Adventure Challenge Course. All participants must have a properly signed waiver in order to participate in any Adventure Challenge Activities. There are no exceptions to this rule. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please note that our maximum weight limit is 250 pounds on our zip line.  Participants over 250 pounds can still particpate in ALL of the other activities, but a belayed descent off of the High Ropes Course is necessary due to the zip line weight limits.  Please call/email with any questions regarding our Adventure Challenge Course Regulations.  

PDF DocumentMINOR-Adventure Challenge Waiver-Under 18 years of age (Parent/Guardian Signature Required)

PDF DocumentADULT-Adventure Challenge Waiver-18 years of age and older