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Hello and welcome to the OEC Staff Page.  Here you will get a chance to meet our Kitchen, Secretarial, Office, Custodial and Instructional Staff .  We all look forward to meeting you in person!

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I started working at the OEC in 2002.  I am a graduate of Walled Lake Central and have a BA in Communications from Michigan State University.  I have two great kids.  I attended camp at the WLOEC when I was in sixth grade.  Who would have thought WAY BACK then that one day I would be instructing there and loving my job.  It is a privilege to work with such a great staff and meet amazing kids each time I work.  When I'm not at work I love to ski and coach the Walled Lake Northern ski team.  I also like golfing, running, cooking, eating (of course!) and hanging out with friends and family.

Kerry Boone

Hi, my name is Joe Boulus (or "Chef Joe").  I was born in the STATE of Michigan (Go GREEN) and have lived here all my life.  I am starting my 8th year at the Outdoor Ed Center, my 7th as the Kitchen Manager.  I have been married to Janine for over 25 years and have two sons Michael (22)a MSU grad and Matthew (20) who attends MSU. I spend my free time as the football defensive coordinator at Walled Lake Northern and as an assistant basketball coach at Walled Lake Central.  I enjoy golfing, fishing, cooking and playing games on the beach.

Joe Boulus

Hi, my name is Mike Clark.  My favorite thing to do is procrastinate, so my staff profile should be done soon.   Check back later to find out more about me! 

Mike Clark

Hello! I’m Jen, I started working at the Outdoor Center in the Spring of 2012.  Living in the Walled Lake area for most of my life I’ve visited the OEC many times.  When I was in elementary school I attended 6th grade camp here!  For the past 9 years I have chaperoned school programs here at the OEC with my oldest child, Olivia, then with my middle kiddo, Gavin and more recently with my youngest Griffin. Finally with all 3 kids in school I wanted to find something I would enjoy doing (and actually get paid to do so).  The outdoor center was a perfect fit for me. I love working with all age groups, outdoors, with an amazing group of individuals. It is truly rewarding to work here.

When I’m away from work I enjoy spending time with my husband, kids, family and friends. I love going up north- boating, kayaking, and just relaxing to the sounds of the loons! 

Jennifer Devooght

My name is Pat Jacob and am the Secretary here at the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center.  I have been employed with the Walled Lake School District for 17 years and have been privileged to call the Outdoor Center home since March 2002.  I am married with three adult children (a son and twin daughters), as well as a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Olya. My children attended Walled Lake Schools, graduating from Walled Lake Western High School.  They attended 5th grade camp here at the Outdoor Center, and still use information learned at camp.  I am excited to be part of this wonderful program and dedicated team of educators.  In my spare time, I like to sew, read, hike and bike.  When you visit the Outdoor Center, please stop by my office.  I look forward to meeting you.

Pat Jacob


Hi, I’m Betty, and I have worked at the OEC for 30 years, starting when my youngest child entered preschool. Over the years, I have helped to create hands-on activities and materials for the center's K-5 science curriculum and enjoy working with students of all ages. I am passionate in my belief in Experiential Education and it’s lasting effects on those who get the chance to enjoy learning in this way. A favorite part of the job for me is tailoring nature and team building activities to the goals and needs of the visiting groups, and then experiencing these programs with our visitors. 

I am married to Bob, a fabulous nature photographer and retired 5th grade teacher in the Huron Valley school district. We have three children and two grandchildren (all Walled Lake Schools grads or attendees).

I enjoy many outdoor hobbies- biking, hiking, kayaking and gardening. I also love to be creative and environmentally conscious, so up-cycling resale shop finds into beautiful and useful things is a favorite hobby. I was also recently certified as a yoga teacher.

I hope to continue working at the OEC for many more happy years.


Hello! My name is Bridget and I'm super excited to be joining the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center's incredible team. I studied Zoology at Michigan State and have been doing Environmental Education for about two years now. I love helping people discover new things out in nature and feel empowered to be excellent stewards of the environment. I also recently got into the realm of challenge education and believe it is a wonderful way for people to step outside of their comfort zone and build confidence.

I am initially from the Chicago area but currently I live in Milford with my amazing little family - my husband Dominic and our husky Tikaani. In my free time I am frequently pursuing any outdoor adventure I can find, but I particularly enjoy hiking and trail running. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and would like to start gardening. I love learning new things and meeting new people, so I look forward to getting to know you when you come visit the WLOEC!

Hi, I’m Jen List.  For many years this quote hung in my office, “Be You, Be True, Love What You Do.”  Working at the WLOEC has helped this quote become a reality for me.  I love coming to work and exploring many exciting things in nature, helping groups grow as better teams and watching kids and adults take steps outside of their comfort zones. 

I am originally from mid-Michigan and moved to Metro Detroit almost four years ago.  My husband and I have two little girls that keep us very busy. When not at work, I like to take my girls on adventures to places all around the area.  We also like to harvest the many wonderful fruits and vegetables growing in our backyard, which we have affectionately called, “The List Family Orchard.”

I look forward to joining you on your journey to Be You, Be True and to Love What You Do!!

Hello I'm Matt and working at the WLOEC is one of the greatest jobs ever. From working alongside an amazing staff, getting to be part of students and adults pushing themselves and go a step beyond what they thought they could do, seeing the light bulb go off when a  participant "gets it" during one of the team challenges, and of course getting to taste our very own honey, working here is incredibly rewarding! When I am not working at WLOEC you will find me hiking, hunting, canoeing, riding my motorcycle, and hanging out with students from my church where I am a youth pastor!Matt

As of the fall 2019, I have been working for the Walled Lake School District for 26 years.  I began my teaching career at Walled Lake Elementary teaching 5th and 6th grade. As a teacher, I loved going to the 3 night/4 day camping program at the Outdoor Education Center.  I knew that the OEC was where I eventually wanted to work.  In the summer while I was teaching at Walled Lake Elementary, I went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and received my Master's Degree in Environmental Education from the College of Natural Resources.  Shortly after I received my degree, I applied for the open Director's position at the WLOEC, and here I am today. 

I feel that the best part about the WLOEC is the staff that I get to work with.  They are extremely bright, fun and motivated people.  Everyone pitches in no matter what they are asked to do.  I think you will find they are very passionate, kind, caring people who make your experience at the OEC positive and memorable. 

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my 2 boys.  We love traveling, skiing, boating and biking as a family.  

Whether you are a first time visitor or a long time friend/customer, I welcome all of you to the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center.  I hope you enjoy your stay.  Please come back and visit us often.



Hi there! I'm Mckenzie, I started working at the Outdoor Center in the Spring of 2016 and it has been an amazing experience since the beginning. Not only is the staff truly amazing here, but I also get to enjoy the outdoors and soak up as much nature & sunshine as possible. I love working with students & adults and watching them step outside their comfort zone on the high ropes course, zip line or rock wall, and seeing them come together as a group to complete a team challenge. It's amazing to see that moment when they've come to a solution and succeed!  

When I am not working at WLOEC, you will find me reading, baking, biking, hanging with my family, and subbing around the Walled Lake District! I can't wait to meet you!

Hello, I am Carolyn. I am going into my third year at the Walled Lake Outdoor Center! I have 25 years of teaching experience, but the Outdoor Center is the best experience! I love the on hands learning and the adventure that comes with everyday at the outdoor center. Hiking through a forest is my favorite place to be! When I am not at work I love being with my family, my husband and my four kids and two dogs. I love downhill skiing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking and traveling! I love visiting our National Parks with my family, I have so many more to visit! I  look forward to exploring with you when you visit the outdoor center!

Nikki Troiano is excited to join the Walled Lake Outdoor Education team and share her passion for the outdoors with the community. She has experience teaching both in and out of the classroom as a former math teacher and backcountry guide. Nikki loves to take time to travel with her partner whenever she can. Her favorite activities include rock climbing, camping, hiking and napping in the grass.