Track Chair

Students with permanent/temporary limited mobility can use our Track Chair during their stay at the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center.  The Track Chair is a wheel chair that has "tank tracks" instead of wheels.  Users of the chair are now able to access natural areas where a conventional wheel chair could not operate adequately.  The Track Chair can be used in many types of terrain and weather.  Our students who have needed to use this chair have taken it up to 2 miles away from the Center through the Proud Lake Recreation Area.  This chair can be used by Walled Lake students and our Outside Group students as well.  This chair can be used by day/overnight and weekday/weekend groups.  Please notify the Camp Director prior to your visit.  A release form will need to be signed prior to use.  The Track Chair is free of charge to all of our guests who need it to gain access to the outdoors!  

*Terms and conditions apply.