"What Should I Bring to Camp?"

What a student should bring to camp

If you are spending the night at camp there are some important things to keep in mind before you arrive.

  1. Label all personal items with your first and last name (clothes, cameras, sleeping bags etc....) 
  2. Do not bring medication into the dorms.  All medication should be in its original container and be accompanied by a medication form signed by a physician.  This medication should be turned into the school office or group leader. 
  3. Wash and dry in HIGH HEAT all items that can be washed before you come to camp.  This includes sleeping bags and pillows. 
  4. Put your clothing and sleeping items into duffel bags or heavy duty garbage bags.  Always pack extra garbage bags for the way home.  Duffel bags and all clothing and sleeping items should be washed and dried in HIGH HEAT immediately when you get home from camp. 
  5. Do not bring food/drinks to camp unless told to do so by your group leader.  There is no food or drink allowed any where on site except for our cafeteria. A cup or water bottle is acceptable in the dorm room. 
  6. Be prepared for all types of weather.  Boots, gloves, extra shoes are all nice items to have with you. 
  7. Electronic devices should stay at home.  This does not include digital cameras.  If you do bring any type of camera, make sure it is charged and well labeled. 

Complete clothing and equipment list of overnight stays at the Outdoor Education Center.