Welcome to Walled Lake Preschool!

Registration for 2022-2023 is OPEN for Tuition, Head Start, & GSRP

Please use this External Linklink to complete your Gateway portion of registration. Other required forms can be found on the External LinkRegistration page under "forms". Please call the preschool office if you have any questions 248-956-5080.


Please enjoy this presentation that gives you a peek into our preschool programs.

For a tuition preschool class, you can find us at…

  • Dublin Elementary
  • Twin Sun Early Childhood Center
  • Wixom Elementary
  • The NEW state-of-the-art Early Childhood Center located at 40839 Thirteen Mile Road, Novi 48377

2022-2023 Locations are to be determined for the following programs:                                             

  • Head Start - Eligibility for Head Start is based on risk factors and Federal guidelines. If you are currently receiving benefits from the Federal government, call us to find out if you qualify for our program. Children with a certified disability make up 10% of the Head Start population. Children meet Monday through Thursday 8:30-3:30. Parents provide transportation. Call 248-956-5089 for more information. 
  • GSRP  (Great Start Readiness Program) - Eligibility for this state funded preschool is income as well as other factors that may place your child at risk for educational success. A family of 4 could make up to $66,250. Children meet Monday through Thursday 8:30-3:30. Parents provide transportation. We keep an active waiting list. GSRP is funded by a grant from the MDE. Call 248-956-5091 for more information.
  • Head Start/GSRP Blend

With Walled Lake Schools, you can find the right preschool program for your young learner.

Both free preschool programs use the same high quality curriculum. We encourage parents to participate both in and out of the classroom as we partner together for success today and tomorrow!


Program Benefits

Enroll your child in the Preschool that is a part of your School District!


  • Ease the transition to Kindergarten
  • Receive ongoing training each year to ensure that our program integrates best practice, every day in every way
  • Align curriculum with Core standards and the MDE Standards of Quality for Early Childhood Education
  • Challenge your child
  • Make learning fun
  • Have a strong literacy focus
  • Partner with families on this learning journey
  • Have a passion for early childhood