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Pinwheels for Hope

Welcome to Walled Lake Preschool!

PDF Document GSRP Continuity of Learning Plan for Parents
PDF DocumentApproval from Oakland Schools

Blended Class: Our Walled Lake Blended Preschool Classroom features a student centered approach to learning! This classroom encompasses typically developing preschool students as well as preschoolers with special needs. The integrated classroom is staffed with a certified early childhood teacher and a certified preschool special education teacher. It is a language-rich environment that provides multiple modes of learning. Within this setting, there is a high student/teacher ratio which allows for individualized instruction for all students!  It is a diverse and equitable environment that focuses on the whole child. This dynamic classroom environment will also provide leadership opportunities for students!

Preschool 2021 - 2022 - If you would like information about registration for the next school, please complete this survey.  We plan to save a spot for your child.  Registration has begun.

Here is the brochure for the next school year, with tentative sites, times and costs.  All are subject to Board approval and enrollment.

Thank you to families that attended our Virtual Preschool Open House.
If you missed the presentation you can view it on-demand.


For a tuition preschool class for your 3, 4 or 5-year-old, you can find us at…

          Dublin Elementary School, Room 301 – 3 and 4-year-olds

          Glengary Elementary School, Room 11, 3 and 4-year-olds and Blended Class

          Pleasant Lake Elementary School, Room 205, 3 and 4-year-olds

          Wixom Elementary School, Room 2, 3 and 4-year-olds

For full-day or part day tuition preschool for your 4/5-year-old, look at…

          Guest Elementary - Pre-K Academy, Room 5

          Twin Sun Facility - Room 300, MWF 4's, TTH 3's

  We also offer a developmentally appropriate Virtual Program for your 3 - 5 year old.

          Tuesday - Thursday afternoons, 1.5 hours each


For a Head Start preschool for your 3-year-old, you can find us at…

         Walled Lake Elementary School, Room 6 and Glengary, Room 9

For a Head Start/GSRP preschool for your 4-year-old, you can find us at…

          Glengary Elementary, Room 16

          Pleasant Lake Elementary, Room 112

          Walled Lake Elementary, Room 122 

          Wixom Elementary, Rooms  203, 205, and 300

With Walled Lake Schools, you can find the right preschool program for your young learner.

A fun video about wearing a mask from Miss Marlowe:

If you feel that your family may be income-eligible for a grant program:

The pre-eligibility process for the GSRP and Head Start Preschool Programs is ongoing.  If you think you are eligible, please complete the survey.  After your survey has been received, a Family Service Advocate will contact you.

Come grow with us!

GSRP is funded by a grant from the MDE.

Please enjoy this presentation that gives you a peek into our preschool programs.

2020-21 Preschool Information

If you wish to register for upcoming tuition preschool classes, please go to the Registration tab for forms needed. We will reserve a spot for your child in our amazing preschool program. We have adjusted our tuition contract to offer savings during temporary virtual closings.

PDF DocumentPreschool Safety Plan
PDF DocumentPreschool Brochure

Preschool Staff Message to our Families  - We miss you all immensely! -  Due to COVID-19, we have greatly limited the tuition classes. We hope to open more classrooms when it is safe to do so.  Please reach out if you need something.  We all need much right now, and we have the opportunity to find resources that may be helpful.  If you need something, the chances are that many others are looking for the same thing.  Together, we are stronger.  We care for your child, every child, every day, every family, every day.  


Parent Information

Resources during this COVID-19 Stay at Home

External LinkThis is a good video from Devereux Center for Resilient Children

Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer for the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, sits down with 5-year-old daughter Madison to discuss current events related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Also, please get in touch if your family needs help. Go to the district webpage for information on food and other resources. If there is something you need that you don't see, please reach out. Help is an email away!

Google DriveTips on young children wearing masks


Due to current health and safety rules, parents will not be allowed to volunteer in the classroom until the Governor has moved us to a higher stage of wellness on the Return to School Roadmap. Please feel free to ask your child's teacher if there is anything that she needs, though!  We appreciate all that you do to help make preschool a fun and engaging experience for your child(ren).

Great Start to Quality

Higher quality programs also will track children’s development to make sure they are growing and learning. The tracking will help guide activities to benefit children the most. That is why the Walled Lake Schools’ Preschool Programs use the Child Observation Record.  We use this information to plan how to guide your child's learning, and we'll share that with you.

NAEYC Position Statement

A curriculum that draws on research assists teachers in identifying important concepts and skills as well as effective methods for fostering children’s learning and development. When informed by teachers’ knowledge of individual children, a well-articulated curricular guides teachers so they can provide children with experiences that foster growth across a broad range of developmental and content areas. A curriculum also helps ensure that the teacher is intentional in planning a daily schedule that (a) maximizes children’s learning through effective use of time, materials used for play, self-initiated learning, and creative expression as well as (b) offers opportunities for children to learn individually and in groups according to their developmental needs and interests. 

Please see External LinkNPR (National Public Radio) article about high-quality preschool for a video and article from NPR about quality preschool.  While this school uses Project Approach, rather than the High Scope Curriculum that is used in Walled Lake and most of Oakland County, it is still a curriculum that is centered on using play as the vehicle to help children construct learning.       

Do you think that your family may be eligible for a free preschool program?  Head Start and GSRP are both free programs. Families of 4 can earn up to $70,000 and be eligible for the state-funded preschool program for 4-year-old children.

Literacy:  Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has worked to create many videos and resources for us to use with PreK-8 families.  The link to the page is below and from there families can navigate to the TCRWP YouTube Channel, or click links that take them to Padlets with videos and resources.  External LinkTCRWP Family Resources Page


Ages and Stages Developmental Screening Questionnaire is available for all children through age 5. This researched tool gives parents information about where their child is regarding many areas of development.  After you answer some questions about your child, you will receive feedback with some ideas to implement to keep your child moving forward.  If there are any areas of concern, you will also receive suggestions of things to do or where to go to seek additional help. Join parents nationwide who want to know how to best support their child as they grow!

Watch this video to learn: How to Use Family Access to complete the ASQ


Do you have concerns about your child's physical health?  Here is a reliable place to begin looking. Always share your thoughts with your child's physician. 


We are happy to register your child for the tuition preschool programs.  Most sites are generally the same from year to year, but all are subject to sufficient enrollment and space availability.  we will return to in person learning one week after K-12, in mid-November.

Click on the links below for the 2020 - 2021Registration documents:

Registration packets may be returned to the drop box or mailed in to Preschool Office, 850 Ladd Road, Bldg. D, Walled Lake, MI  48390, or if you wish to speak with someone, staff will be available on October 27 and 29 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Masks and social distancing required, and only 2 persons will be allowed in the building at a time.  Staff will be at the CE office, entrance is beneath the large screen facing Maple Road. 

Grant programs

Grant programs are available for families who meet income eligibility requirements. GSRP, the free preschool for children who are four years old by September 1, funded by the Michigan Department of Education, continues to enroll children. Head Start,  a federal program for three and four year old children, also continues to enroll.  Families applying for these programs will need to provide documentation of eligibility, participate in an intake interview, and comply with grant rules.  Both grant programs will schedule 2 home visits and 2 conferences per year.

Head Start 

Head Start - Families must meet federal income guidelines (100% federal poverty level.) Children may be enrolled whose families are over income when there are additional risk factors. Ten percent of our slots for children are reserved for children with diagnosed disabilities.

The Great Start Readiness Program

The Great Start Readiness Program is funded by the State of Michigan. Children who are 4 years old, and won't be 5 years old by September 1, 2020, may be eligible for this program. Eligibility is determined by income and other factors such as developmental delays or difficult family situations. Family's income for free preschool would meet up to 250% on the guideline link below. 

Tuition Programs

Tuition Programs serve all other families.  Parents choose locations based on need and availability.  We do enroll out of district children.  

Tuition Sites for 2020 - 2021:

  • Dublin Elementary, Room 301, White Lake, 248.956.3831
    •  MWF 4's AM & PM, TTH 3's AM & PM (9:30 - 12:00, 1:00 - 3:30)  
  • Glengary Elementary, Classroom 13, Walled Lake, 248.956.3133
    •  MWF 4's AM (8:30 - 11:30),  TTH  3's AM (8:30 - 11:30) 
  • Pleasant Lake Elementary, Room 112, West Bloomfield, 248.956.2811
    •  MWF 4's AM,  TTH 3's AM (9:30 - 12:00), MWF 4's (9:30 - 3:30)
  • Twin Sun Facility, Room 300, Wixom, 248.956.4057
    •  MWF 4's (8:45 - 2:45), TTH 3's AM (8:45 -11:15) 
  • Guest Elementary, 1655 Decker Road, Walled Lake
    • PreK Academy, 4 - 5's, M-F, MWF or TTH Full Day(8:30 - 2:30)