Blended Preschool Classroom

Blended Class: Our Walled Lake Blended Preschool Classroom features a student centered approach to learning! This classroom encompasses typically developing preschool students and preschoolers with special needs. The integrated classroom is staffed with a certified early childhood teacher and a certified preschool special education teacher. It is a language-rich environment that provides multiple modes of learning. Within this setting, there is a low student/teacher ratio (1:6) which allows for individualized instruction for all students!  It is a diverse and equitable environment that focuses on the whole child while encouraging school readiness skills such as early literacy, math, and critical thinking.

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Parent Testimonials

I’ve had two children in the blended program, one child with special needs and the other without. In both circumstances, my children were able to be in a diverse, caring, and highly educational environment that best suited their particular needs. Smaller class to teacher ratio was instrumental in them reaching their goals and building confidence. Enrolling my children in the blended program was one of the best decisions I have ever made and my hope is that more children are able to have this same experience. 

-Amy Warren


The blended classroom has provided our son the knowledge and confidence needed to begin Elementary school.  We chose this program for the lower student and higher teacher ratio which would give our son more personal instruction with a teacher when needed. The Blended classroom is a great way to introduce children into a formal learning setting with  verbal and hands on instruction! 

-Tasha Masters