Registration is now open for our return to learning November 16 and 17, one week after K-12 returns.  Please complete and return these forms to our office.  Social distancing required, masks required.  Only 2 persons allowed in the building at a time. You may also mail documents, or drop them off in the drop box by the Community entrance to the Educational Services Center at 850 Ladd Road, Bldg. D., Walled Lake, MI  48390. 

Due to COVID, our class selection is currently limited to two locations:  Dublin Elementary for our part time programs, and Mary Helen Guest Elementary for our full time program.  We hope to open registration again after the holidays to more sites.  Thank you for your patience with us as we navigate these new circumstances.  

Registration Letter

Registration Form

Tuition Contract

Tuition Contract Addendum

Official Student Record

Age Waiver (if needed )

Virtual Preschool 

Allergy Action Form (if needed)

Asthma Action Form (if needed)

Medication Form (if needed)

Our office is still working remotely.  The Preschool Office is located at 850 Ladd Rd., Bldg. D, Walled Lake 48390.  Please enter the door 6 underneath the large electronic screen.  Please write to if you have questions, or or if you have questions.

Grant programs -   

Grant programs are available for families who meet income eligibility requirements for these programs.  Families applying for these programs will need to provide documentation of eligibility, participate in an intake interview, and comply with grant rules.  Both grant programs will schedule 2 home visits and 2 conferences per year.  Please contact if you have questions.

Head Start 

Head Start - Families must meet federal income guidelines (100% federal poverty level.) Children may be enrolled whose families are over income when there are additional risk factors. Ten percent of our slots for children are reserved for children with diagnosed disabilities.  Please contact if you have questions.

The Great Start Readiness Program

The Great Start Readiness Program is funded by the State of Michigan. Children who are 4 years old, and won't be 5 years old by September 1, 2020, may be eligible for this program. Eligibility is determined by income and other factors such as developmental delays or difficult family situations. 4 - 5

Tuition Programs

Tuition Programs serve all families.  Parents choose locations based on need and availability.  We do enroll out of district children.  (Locations may change based on district need for K-5 classroom placement.)  Classes must have sufficient enrollment to run.

Tuition Sites for 2020-2021

  • Dublin Elementary, Room 301, White Lake, 248.956.3831
    •  MWF 4's AM & PM, TTH 3's, AM & PM (9:30 - 12:00, 1:00 - 3:30)  
  • Guest Elementary, 1655 Decker Road, Walled Lake
    • PreK Academy,  M-F, 4 - 5's, MWF or TTH Full Day(8:30 - 2:30)