Engler, Mazurek receive Golden Apple Awards

German teachers Christoph Engler, Walled Lake Central, and Kaye Lynn Mazurek, Walled Lake Northern High School, received Golden Apple Awards at the Board of Education meeting on September 8, 2022.

Both honorees were nominated by Shelley Scott, a District parent, because they exude a love for the German language, culture, traditions, food and people. Engler and Mazurek help their students connect with another group of people, which teaches their students about the global world and gives a broader perspective well beyond Walled Lake.

“Herr Engler, and Frau Mazurek represented the District well on a recent field trip to Chicago," wrote Scott in her nomination letter. "Wherever the students went, the teachers reminded them about good conduct, talking at appropriate levels, and representing Walled Lake and Michigan. The students had a great time and would be welcomed back at any of the venues.”