Color Run

Walled Lake Elementary will get new playground structure thanks to record fundraising efforts

Bursts of color flew through the air as students ran circles around the field behind Walled Lake Elementary School on Friday. The Color Run is one of the biggest highlights for the Tigers every school year.

This year the excitement outmatched any from year’s past. Walled Lake Elementary fundraised more than double its efforts than ever before, $20,372. The money raised will pay for a brand new ninja-style playground structure, which will be installed this coming summer. This structure is something they’ve been working towards since student council came up with the idea in 2019.

“This year we didn’t just have student donations and family donations, we also had community and business sponsors,” said Walled Lake Elementary principal, Julia Amann. “Seeing the whole community rally around our school, it’s just so heartwarming… It was so overwhelming but in a great way.”

Mrs. Amann was the first to admit, she wasn’t sure the school would reach their goal of $15,000, which also meant the highest fundraising class would have the opportunity to sink her in a dunk tank. Lucky for Mrs. Amann, it was nearly 70 degrees that afternoon.

“They had been talking about it all week, so watching them be excited made me excited for it,” said Mrs. Amann.

Shannon Cipriano’s 3rd grade class dunked Mrs. Amann three times after the Color Run in front of cheers and laughs from the entire school.

Mrs. Cipriano’s 3rd-graders weren’t the only ones that got to enjoy their fundraising efforts. The second place class received a pizza party and the entire school will get to enjoy a pajama day, popsicles on the playground, key chain pop its, a day of extra recess, popcorn, and a teacher swap day.

“When we announced who the winners were for all the different prizes, I could hear the cheers coming from the classrooms in the office, so it was absolutely fabulous,” said Mrs. Amann. “That’s what it is all about.”