Golden Apple

Flammer receives Golden Apple award

David Flammer, building substitute for Loon Lake Elementary, was awarded a Golden Apple at the November 3 Board of Education meeting.

David was nominated by the staff at Loon Lake because he shows compassion, patience, empathy, and flexibility with all of the students and staff within the building. David previously taught at Loon Lake and although he enjoys retirement, he just can’t stay away from the classroom!

In their nomination letter, the Loon Lake staff had quite a bit to share:

  • A first grade teacher shared: “David develops a relationship with each student he works with.  As they read a book, he stops to talk, connect and deepen their love for reading.  I love walking by in the hall and listening to the time he takes to motivate children to enjoy reading."
  • Another first grade teacher shared: “When he opens the door to my room, kids run up, hoping it is their turn to read with Mr. Flammer. That by itself shows just how important he is to our school.  David, you make such a huge impact on the lives of these children.  Thank you!"
  • A third first grade teacher said: "David has been someone we can rely on to be here day in and day out. He reads each day with my kids and they look so forward to their time with him."
  •  A fourth first grade teacher said: "David is so loyal to Loon Lake and the kids! He is very dependable with checking in with all kids that need extra help! They love working with him!"
  • A second grade teacher said: "David is such an important part of Loon Lake.  He is reliable, helpful and positive, both with the staff and the students.  I especially appreciate his calm demeanor."
  • Another second grade teacher said: "He is always kind and patient with the class. He truly cares about the students."
  • A student in special education wanted to say that "Mr. Flammer always reads with me."

A special education teacher said: "David always has new and creative ways to engage students. Whether it be finding high interest books for students or talking 

  • about ninja warriors, he truly listens to students and their interests."   She added: “He will always come in, even on his days off!
  •  A fifth grade teacher shared: “David is such a huge part of Loon Lake. His dedication to education and helping students be successful is evident each and every day. Walled Lake is lucky to have such supportive teachers working to make our kids independent learners.”

David applies his knowledge of school values, both in regards to academics and social-emotional well-being. He uses the Loon Lake system of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, and is familiar with academic curricular methods.

Abbie Kidder, principal at Loon Lake, agreed with David’s nomination, sharing “David is truly a gift to the Loon Lake community.  His kindness, compassion, and dedication to helping students reach their fullest potential is at the forefront of all that he does.  We are beyond lucky to have David working with Loon Lake.  He is truly an asset to our team and is loved by all!”