Burton receives Golden Apple award

Angie Burton, fifth grade teacher at Commerce Elementary, received a Golden Apple award at the December 1 Board of Education meeting.

Angie was nominated by Commerce parent Stefanie O’Rear because Angie is patient, kind, compassionate, and goes out of her way to accommodate her student’s needs. In her nomination letter, Stefanie provided an example of Angie’s responsiveness. When Stefanie’s daughter’s anxiety skyrocketed early in 2022, Stefanie sent an email explaining the situation. Angie gave Stefanie’s daughter some fidget putty to help lessen her stress and anxiety. Stefanie noted “This warmed our hearts not only because of the putty, but because she showed my daughter that she had a teacher that truly cared. It also really helped with my daughter’s anxiety.” 

Christina Carlin, principal at Commerce Elementary supported Angie’s nomination sharing, “Angie is an exemplary teacher with a heart of gold. She creates a warm, welcoming, and dynamic learning environment for our fifth graders. She makes learning fun,
relevant, and creative. Most importantly, Angie develops authentic connections with her students. She celebrates their strengths, spotlights their interests, and sees their potential. She is a safe harbor for those who need a different approach or extra support. Commerce Elementary is grateful for everything Angie contributes to our school family. Her kind heart, creativity, and care for others makes her a valued part of our learning community.”