Lorri Barnett receives Golden Apple award

Lorri Barnett, recently retired Adult Transitions Program (ATP) paraprofessional at Walled Lake Western High School was nominated by Robin Berbenchuk, fellow ATP paraprofessional because Lorri goes above and beyond to help all in the Transitions Program, be it a student, para educator, or teacher. Lorri is always willing to help with a kind and loving heart.

In Lorri’s nomination letter, Robin shared, “Lorri has been in our district over 25 years, and sincerely always has a smile on her face and kind words to say. She keeps all of her students accountable, helps them strive for independence, and advocate for themselves. She’s one of a kind.”

Lorri always makes it a point to greet all with a warm welcome and smile. Her main concern at all times is the wellbeing of all students who attend the Transitions Program. She meticulously watches over the safety and welfare of all students. She encourages them to become independent citizens of our community.

Lorri never needs to be guided in the right direction. She is always focused and will do anything for anyone without ever being asked. She always tries to do her best and keeps up on all necessary training. She is an excellent team player, and will assist everyone in any way she can. Lorri is an asset to any classroom, always striving for what is the best for all her coworkers.

Kristin White, assistant principal at WL Western, celebrated Lorri’s nomination sharing, “The word ‘generous’ describes Lorri very well.  I refer to the unconditional and whole-hearted manner in which she approaches every challenge and gives to the special students she supports each day.  I have witnessed Lorri reach out to students with remarkable sensitivity and a tough spirit.  When she works with our adult students, she conveys an attitude of understanding, caring and acceptance. Lorri loves to champion the needs of students, prioritizing student safety and concern for the emotional and mental health of our entire W.A.V.E.S. Community.”