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The Foundation for Excellence (FFE) champions "Every Child, EveryDay" and promotes excellence in public education by providing funds beyond the Walled Lake Consolidated School District's resources.

FFE supports Walled Lake Schools' students & educators and enriches Literacy & leadership; Community & diversity; Science, technology & the arts, and District programs (WLCSD).

Together we are building a strong Foundation...One child at a time. 

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The Foundation for Excellence is dedicated to advancing ways for children to learn.  The continued high quality of our schools depends on increased financial support.  Since 1991, and with many thousands of dollars, the Foundation for Excellence has subsidized a variety of activities and programs in our schools which are not funded by tax dollars.

The Foundation for Excellence is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.  All gifts are tax deductible as charitable contributions to the full extent of the law.

The Foundation for Excellence works hand in hand with remarkable teachers, supportive families, and generous business leaders in order to increase and enhance innovative, educational opportunities and is integral in helping meet the learning needs of students across the Walled Lake Consolidated School District. 



How does the Foundation for Excellence promote literacy?

The Foundation for Excellence has a long history of supporting the district's exemplary reading programs for all ages through our annual grant program, which has included funding for literacy nights, establishment of a little lending library, e-books for school media centers, expanding classroom literacy libraries and more.

How is the Foundation for Excellence promoting the arts in the district?

Research demonstrates a strong connection between arts education and increased achievement.  Walled Lake School's highly acclaimed music, drama and visual arts programs are an essential part of the district's curriculum.  The Foundation for Excellence has helped fund programs such as our K-12 District Art Show, the acquisition of musical instruments and accessories, as well as, cross-curricular programs connecting the arts with literacy.

Is the Foundation for Excellence keeping up with innovations in teaching aids?

Investment in diverse and impactful programs and teaching methods is a priority.  The Foundation's technology grants have provided funding for professional development, sets of mobile devices, online programs/subscriptions, and additional resources and/or equipment in order to assist our faculty as they teach for tomorrow and prepare our students for the future.

Does the Foundation for Excellence provide support and programs for all students?

Walled Lake Schools students span all socio-economic groups.  The Foundation for Excellence funds are utilized to enhance and address the educational experience across our District and support the Religious Diversity Journeys program, the Walled Lake Consolidated School District's Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, disability awareness workshops, anti-bullying programs, purchase of books that students may see themselves in from diverse authors and much more. 

Are funds accepted by the Foundation for Excellence for specific projects?

The Foundation for Excellence is always open to specific named funds with contributions in larger amounts for memorial gifts, as benefactors, large projects and event sponsorships.