Important Forms

Food Allergy Forms:    


Please provide documentation regarding the following information which is not typically included in the action plan.  For example:   

  • Whether your child's allergies require food restrictions in the classroom (Example:  A peanut free classroom OR your child cannot ingest peanuts but peanuts are allowed in the classroom). 
  • Whether your child is required to sit at the peanut free table (with a buddy) or can they sit with their class as long as they do not ingest peanuts. 
  • This is important information for us to have prior to school starting.  Please contact our main office (248-956-3900 if you have questions. 


FARE Food Allergy Action Plan 

Note:  Your doctor may use a different form which is permissible. 

All forms need to be submitted to our main office.  Please call 248-956-3900 for more information. 

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