Invisible Dad Lunch Program

Invisible Dad Lunch Program

Through the generosity of parent donations and the planning of a few dedicated people, we are thrilled to provide the Invisible Dad lunch program at Commerce Elementary.

Every day, in our own community and in our school, children are faced with a growing form of hunger: food insecurity.  Not knowing where their next meal will come from, these children are not only faced with being hungry, studies have also shown these children can face more severe issues in the future.  The Invisible Dad program hopes to change that by providing the funds necessary to make sure all children have access to a full meal at lunch.

These funds are not something you or your child have to ask for or apply to receive.  These funds are available without question or judgment as children go through the line at lunch.  Parents will be notified privately and confidentially if their child’s lunch is paid for by the Invisible Dad.  Sometimes the situation is simple and the lunch account just needs to be refilled.  We ask that you refill your account and perhaps consider donating back to the program.  Sometimes the situation is more complex, the money just isn’t there and won’t be there for some time.  In those cases, you and your child will not have to worry again about lunch.  The Invisible Dad program will step in and make sure lunch is provided.

Donations can be made by sending cash or a check to school made out to “Walled Lake Food Services” with “Invisible Dad - COMMERCE” in the memo.  This is not a tax-deductible donation, this is just money from you to a child in need.

Walled Lake Schools offers free and reduced-cost lunches; the Invisible Dad program aims to solve for the short-term and one-off situations.  If you would like to apply for free or reduced-cost lunch, please contact Ms. Carlin.

For more information about this program please contact Ms. Carlin.

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