Global Awareness



My Garbology - Check out the interactive online game and resource center about the importance of waste conservation.


Great Lakes Region

“Nab the Aquatic Invaders! Be a Sea Grant Super Sleuth” - Major arrests need to be made in the fight against invading aquatic plants and animals. These invaders have hitchhiked to U.S. waters and are on the loose creating huge problems, such as impacts on biodiversity. We’re looking for kids in grades 4–10 who want to help book these “bad guys” for their disruptive activities.


Tynker Earth Day

Tynker - Coding Activity -

Students can program a fun game where you plant trees to lower the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Students can send their games to friends and family to remind them to make a positive impact on the planet this Earth Day.


Plan It Green

Plan It Green - Description: You’ve been elected the Mayor of your hometown and have decided to take the barren environment and Plan it Green! Bring back the natural beauty of your city, and create a brighter, cleaner future. Build eco-homes and apply green upgrades, all while bringing new clean jobs and industry to your city. Increase your Greendex as you leave behind the ways of the past and create a beautiful, sustainable metropolis!

Green 2

Free Rice