About Us

The mission of Glengary Elementary School is to inspire a positive and respectful community of lifelong learners, who approach the world with a relentless commitment to excellence!

  • We believe by instilling a love of learning, students have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

  • We believe in creating a positive environment where students feel safe & secure, engage in respectful discourse, and are willing to take intellectual risks.
  • We believe in the power of fostering meaningful relationships among students, staff and the community. #OtherPeopleMatter

  • We believe in celebrating individual character strengths, respecting differences, and learning from those around us as we develop a spirit of empathy.

About Us:

  • A National Blue Ribbon Exemplary School 
  • Partner school with The Positivity Project
  • We are the Glengary Gators
  • Enrollment:  Approximately 325 students

Glengary Elementary is located in Commerce Township, Michigan and is part of the Walled Lake Consolidated School District.  We are the smallest of the 12 elementary schools and known for our close-knit community of staff, students, and families. Glengary Elementary was built in 1948, opened in 1949 and has been subject to a few additions throughout the years. Most recently, our building benefited from safety, security, and technology upgrades including reconfiguring our entryway, enhanced video surveillance, and emergency management systems. Along with these security upgrades, our classrooms were also equipped with updated technology including interactive whiteboards and sound systems in each classroom and a Chromebook cart for each grade level. This new technology allows teachers to engage and enhance learning for all students.

Academically, Glengary Elementary and the Walled Lake Consolidated School District provides a rigorous curriculum across all grades and subject areas.  Our staff believes in educating the whole child and fostering a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom. We work diligently to prepare our students to be learners and leaders in the 21st century with skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and working as a team. We use research supported teaching practices and work as a staff to continually refine our practice and develop as professional educators. Finally, we believe in teaching our students the importance of character and relationships.

Glengary implemented the Positivity Project in the fall of 2017. As part of our efforts, every classroom teacher spends 10-15 minutes a day introducing and instructing their students on the character strength of focus each week. Therefore, as an entire school community, we learn about 24 character strengths such as kindness, gratitude, bravery, and, open-mindedness. Through the implementation of the Positivity Project at Glengary Elementary, we are teaching our students how to adopt the Other People Matter Mindset so they are empowered to build positive relationships with others and be their best selves.

Glengary Elementary is also proud of our genuine partnership with our PTA and our families.  Parent volunteers are visible as you walk through the halls and at every school event.  Our teachers and parents/guardians openly communicate and collaborate to support our children.  The PTA supports school assemblies, technology upgrades, literacy programs, physical education, music programs, field trips, and school beautification. The PTA also puts on fantastic family events such as Breakfast with a Buddy, the Fun Run, Daddy/Daughter Dance, Mom/Son Date Night, Family Movie Night, Variety Show, and Family STEAM Night and so much more!

Glengary has an amazing staff who are passionate about what they do and willing to devote their time and energy to serve every child, every day. We have a seasoned staff; most in fact have served the Glengary community for 10+ years. Our teachers work collaboratively, attend a wide range of professional development in order to continuously grow as educators and believe that we have the unique opportunity and responsibility to inspire a positive and respectful community of lifelong learners.

We love what we do at Glengary and truly believe that every day is an opportunity to inspire, encourage, teach, lead, learn, and grow. It has been said that Glengary Elementary remains a quiet little school, at the end of a quiet little street teaching tomorrow’s leaders today.