Apple Pickup Program

Picking up children at the end of the school day.

In order to streamline our dismissal procedures at the end of the day, we offer a convenient curbside dismissal program for parents who pick up their child at school on a regular basis: there is no longer a need to get out of your car!  We call the program the “Apple Pick-Up” dismissal plan.  The program is for parents who pick up their child everyday.  It is also for parents who pick up their child on a regular basis such as every Monday for religious education or every Tuesday for dance class.

Here’s how the Car Rider “Apple Pick-Up” plan works:

  1. Register your child/children for the program using the Registration Form For Curbside Pick-Up By Car. 
  2. You will receive a large sign with your last name to show the staff member on duty for the curbside pick-up.
  3. Enter the south parking lot and pull up to the curb closest to the opening in the fence.  Please be sure your name sign is clearly visible to the staff member on duty.
  4. The staff member on duty at the curb will notify staff member on duty inside the to have your student ready.
  5. Your child(ren) will be sent out to get in your car on the passenger side only.:

Please fill out the Dismissal Plan in the link below to be included in our Apple Pick Up:

Google FormsGlengary Dismissal Plan Form