Suggested Supply Lists

Suggested Supply Lists

For the 2020-2021 school year, students need to select either Our Path (remote) or My Path (virtual) instruction to begin the school year. A decision regarding a return to face-to-face instruction will be  made at a later date.

Students that select the Our Path instruction may find the following suggested supplies helpful during their at-home instruction: WL District Suggested Supply List and WL District Suggested FAPES Supply List

Families wishing to purchase supplies in preparation for possible face-to-face instruction at Hickory Woods, may wish to reference this suggested supply list: HWE Suggested Supply List

These lists are suggested items that a family may choose to purchase for their child.  We understand that some families may not be able to purchase supplies for their child due to financial hardship.  Please contact your principal if you need support with ensuring that your child has supplies, if needed.

Supply Donations

In order to support our families in need throughout the district during this difficult time, we will be hosting a School Supply Drive at all of our elementary buildings.  If you are able, please consider dropping off an extra supply item or two in the bin by the front door at HWE during the week of August 24 and August 31.