Mary Helen Guest Parents

Welcome to Mary Helen Guest Elementary!

At Guest, our strongest asset is the partnership between parents and staff. We encourage all parents to take an active role in this partnership. The first step in establishing and maintaining a positive and meaningful relationship with the school is to stay connected.

Our PTA is second to none! Here are some ways you can stay connected and participate in this partnership. 

Our Facebook Page is very informative and active. During the school year content is posted on our Facebook page daily. Please join our page today at

Be in the know. PTA helps you keep up with what is happening in your school and how you can support your child’s education.

Access great resources. PTA provides information on topics such as homework help, bullying prevention, media safety, child health and more.

Build relationships. PTA connects you to other families through meetings, events, and communications and helps build a sense of community.

Share your skills. PTA offers volunteer opportunities for you to use your talents to benefit children and the school.

Speak up. PTA is the perfect place to effectively suggest changes at your child’s school, and be involved in making them happen.

So what does your local Mary Helen Guest PTA do?

Not only do we plan fun events like the Ice Cream Social, Bingo Night, Movie Night, and Spring Carnival, but we also provide school supplies, assemblies, backpacks, scholarship money for field trips, and other assistance to students here at school.

We assist our teachers and staff!

We promote health and wellness. This includes facilitating the annual Fun Run and teaching our kids what it means to be healthy.

Our PTA is one of the most involved groups in the district and provides a variety of opportunities for every family to attend and enjoy. Building an atmosphere of community is always a priority.

By joining and attending our monthly meetings, you will be among the first to hear about all the up-coming events. It also means you can shape our future by voting on and determining school events, purchases for the school and how things are run. PTA is non-profit, which means that 100% of your money goes back into our school and 100% of those involved are not being paid.

Our goal for membership is 100% participation.

Having 100% participation shows our commitment to our school and our students. It also makes us stronger as a school community.

Advocacy, what does it mean?

We have parents who have diligently worked to be advocates for our students. They advocate as a unit at the local level as well as a district and state unit at the state and federal levels. The national PTA has been around for 130 years. These parents work tirelessly to make sure that any public policy that affects our children is truly in the best interest of our kids. We encourage your input and again everyone is always welcome at our monthly meetings.