Math Course Skipping

Dear Families,

Our current math standards are more rigorous and demanding than ever.  Students are expected to develop a deep understanding of concepts leading to fluency with facts and procedures, and the ability to clearly communicate their mathematical thinking.  Further, students must pass a demanding sequence of high school math courses in order to meet graduation requirements.  In response to the increased expectations for all students, we have adjusted the content focus and instructional approaches in all of our math courses.  

Because of the higher standards and to ensure student success at all points of their mathematical education, we are using the procedures described below to accelerate students.  In order to skip a course in the math sequence, students must demonstrate proficiency in the content and skills of the course they are attempting to skip.  

The process and procedures described on the following pages apply to all students currently in grades 2 through 7.  Students attempting to test-out of high school courses will use the existing process described on the district website.  Parents of students in kindergarten or first grade who have indications their child is possibly ready to skip a year of Mathematics should contact their building principal.

If you have questions after reviewing the process, please contact your building principal or me. 

Thank you for your partnership in education.  


Ellen McDonald, Math/Science Coordinator  or 248.956.2029


Overview of Math Course-Skipping Process

Considerations and Suggested Criteria for Testing

To avoid student frustration, thoughtful consideration should come before registering students for above grade-level Math testing.  High-levels of success in the current Math course, while important, is not the primary indicator of students successful with Math course-skipping tests.  

Our data shows that students who are successful in skipping an entire year of Math typically spend extra time outside the school day engaged in Mathematical exercises; either with online courses, after-school programs, or with tutors knowledgeable about the grade-level standards and progressions.  

Before pursuing the opportunity to test-out of a course, students should achieve at least one of the following suggested criteria:

Level 4 (Advanced Proficient) on M-STEP Math test from previous Spring (if available)

Above grade-level proficiency indication from current year i-Ready diagnostic tests

Test Structure

There are two parts to the test.  Students must pass Part 1 in order to take Part 2.  Part 1 of the test is given after school at your student’s current building.  Students who demonstrate proficiency (at least 80% correct) on Part 1, need to take Part 2 of the test at the Educational Services Center (E.S.C. district offices on Ladd Road).  Test results are shared via the email you provide.

Testing Location-Taking Part 1

Part 1 of the test will occur after school at your student’s current building.  Dates for 2022 testing are shown below.   Testing will begin ten minutes after dismissal.  One hour is available to complete the test.  Transportation is the family’s responsibility.

Mary Helen Guest | 4/26/22

Required Registration-Part 1 Test

To ensure we can accommodate your student’s application, parents must sign-up no later than Friday, March 25th.  Registration will open the week of February 28th.  

***Online registration is preferred at this link: 

Students must register in advance to participate.  

Taking Part 2

Students eligible to take Part 2 of the test are notified via email no later than May 2nd after the scoring of Part 1.  Part 2 is given at the Educational Services Center on one of the dates shown below.    One hour is available to complete the test.  

Current Elementary students test from 5:00-6:00 PM 


Monday, May 16th or  Wednesday, May 18th           

Required Criteria

Students must pass both parts of the opt-out test for the course they are attempting to skip, with at least 80% correct on each part.

Part 2 Results 

Scores are available to parents, students, principals, and counselors after the testing period (by May 27th).


Students who have scored at least 60% correct, but less than 80% correct on Part 1 or Part 2, may make an appointment to retest for a passing score.

This must occur during a testing window in mid-August and will take place at the Education Services Center (E.S.C.).  Parents may request a copy of the i-Ready diagnostic report to indicate areas needing further development and as additional justification of course-skipping recommendation.  

Students new to the district 

If interested, newly enrolled students will need to make arrangements to take the opt-out tests at the Educational Services Center.  


Opt-out attempts must conclude before the beginning of the school-year.

No course-skipping tests will occur after the school year begins, with the exception of students new to the district.


Standards assessed are from the grade-level students are attempting to skip and are available at the bottom of this website ( and at the following link ( ).

Additional preparation materials are not provided.

For more information please contact Ellen McDonald, Math Coordinator  or 248.956.2029